I returned to sports after 25 years…I am now a happier person :) :)

I was blessed to be part of a school that encouraged overall personality development and emphasized on sports a lot. I led a very athletic life during my school days – participated in long jump, shot put, relay, hurdle race & throw ball. The Lord had blessed me with the body and spirit of an athlete and after school, I also played 7 tiles, sakli (chain), hide and seek, land and water, lock & key and many other games. I used to dabble with cricket and football as well. Life was just sports and play during school days.

Once I entered college life, focus on academics and work took over and then there was no looking back. I left my passion for sports far behind.

After bearing two kids, my weight had shot up by 30 kgs and tiredness, irritation and joint pain had become a part of life. My moment of truth came when I participated in a 5 km Marathon and was unable to run – walked the entire length and fell ill for the next 3 days.

Once the life of parties, I now could manage to dance for 2-3 minutes maximum and then sat down to catch my breath.

Life was going completely downhill.

The athletic Mayura was an image that I could remember faintly, felt no connect whatsoever.

Fortunately, there were no medical alarms that were raised. At the ripe age of 40, I was standing at the crossroads of life with almost nil stamina and loads of work stress. It was like a ticking time-bomb.

Sedentary life does offer comfort but it comes with a price – overweight, coupled with fatigue, lack of stamina, irritation, constipation, lack of sleep, etc. etc. Its a vicious circle and getting out is really tough.

I used to envy my husband who is 6 years elder than me but still continues to represent the club for cricket tournaments and even win accolades for himself and the team.

I don’t know when life changed, on February 28, 2018, I took a stroll at the club while my husband played the 45 plus cricket league. Surprisingly, I felt relaxed and the fresh air did a lot of good to my starving lungs. I decided to continue walking – atleast during the period that he was playing.

My legs were weak, very weak and I had to take a lot of breaks during my walks. It took a while for my stamina to build.

I learnt that a good warm up will make me last longer and cool down exercises will help me go back the next day.

One evening, while walking, I saw a bunch of women practicing throw ball for an upcoming tournament at the club. On inquiry, I learnt that I was eligible to participate.

Throwball…after 25 years…ummn…will I even remember how to play?

Well, it turns out that throw ball is like cycling, one never forgets it :). It did take me a while to get my alertness and focus back, my body at times listened to me and at other times it revolted for the 25 years of torture that I had put it through.

Healthy eating, proper sleep and being regular was my strategy and maybe only option to stay fit & remain in the game.

I clearly remember, the first day that I ducked to allow the ball to pass to my team member – there was a cracking sound in my knees and back – though the move was something I had done in school, doing it after 25 years was a huge effort.

My arteries and veins felt a new rush of blood, parts of my body that were never being used started to pump blood. Every evening, I still go back bruised, tired but very happy – it is an exhilarating feeling to play under lights on a platform as large as the Goregaon Sports Club.

Today, here I am, writing this post for you to read….

My fitness has improved considerably, I have knocked down 6.5 kgs and 17 inches overall.

I still have 25 kgs and many more inches to go…however, this time, the weight-loss is not important. I am just happy that I am getting to play one of my favorite sports without being judged by a “well-meaning” acquaintance.

I have found new friends, made some great memories and most importantly, I am back to my favourite sport – throw ball. As I write this post, we are preparing for the upcoming tournament and hope to win it too. (Fingers crossed)


I am a happier person, more positive and have learnt to be a team player. Its amazing when one meets like-minded people who are bonded in just one spirit – the spirit of sports and camaraderie.

Have you ever thought of getting back to fitness? Do leave a comment and share your experiences, I would love to read. 🙂

Penned by 

Mayura Amarkant





  1. This is so inspiring Mayura. Love your determination to get back in the game. The thing is a lot of people realize that they need to workout or be active but give up soon, and that’s where you have scored. Absolutely enjoyed reading this post. Best wishes for the upcoming game.

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  2. You go girl. I know the feeling, though I was never the sporty variety but when I took the plunge into running, Cycling and Bootcamp- strength training I felt the same sense of vigour you do now.
    More power to you. ❤️

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  3. So happy for you that you found your inner Badass Girl again. I need to find mine after an interminably long winter of doing not much of anything. Thanks for the motivation. I’m looking forward to more encouraging posts.

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  4. Loveddddd and happy, was smiling while reading entire blog. Ummm honestly, sounds really really interesting and motivating as well. It gives a kick🏃 indeed. You might motivate min 10 or max 100++++ people with this *Happiness Blog Train*. As usual, was engrossed so much reading in it, that didn’t realised when it ended. “Thoda aur lamba hona chahiye tha.”😊
    Keep writing. Keep inspiring.

    God Bless❤

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