Secret Memoirs of the viral photo of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s dead body | #AbkiBaarJusticeForSSR

Multi-talented actor, Sushant Singh Rajput passed away mysteriously on June 13, 2020. His untimely and mysterious death took the nation by storm. I was born when he died. Everyone in the room was in a shocked state when someone thought of clicking pictures of the deceased. Well, clicking pictures of on a police allocated site by police photographers is a norm.

However, I was clicked by someone else in the room. A person unauthorized to click pictures. What’s worse is that this person not only gave birth to me but also sent me to scores of people. Within minutes of Sushant’s sad demise, I became viral and world famous. Almost every social media, WhatsApp, Telegram, news website and email featured me.

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There was an army of people who got very upset when they saw me. They scolded the person who sent it saying they need to respect the deceased. Still others used me to come up with many theories around the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. They magnified, marked, copied and analysed me from every angle possible. They posted their analysis on social media and fanned the controversy and conspiracy theory around the inexplicable death of this young actor.

Each time they posted their theories along with me, they would keep returning to check for likes, comments and number of views. When I went viral on their social media, they silently rejoiced. Many “fans” of Sushant Singh Rajput made YouTube videos around me and monetized them. What this means is that the high viewer count would lead them to earn money from the YouTube platform.

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I winced each time they rejoiced at their content going viral. I felt sad, violated and infuriated when they started calculating the money they would receive for that content.

People with hardly 200-250 views in the past now garnered eyeballs in millions.

All thanks to my existence in the public domain.

When the news of Sushant’s unfortunate death hit the headlines, almost every celebrity posted their condolence messages on their social media. But when the topic turned controversial, the A-listers remained silent on the issue. While I was going viral, they preferred not to speak. Some even went incognito and left the country for shooting their films. So you see what happened? Someone made me viral and then conspiracy theories were born after that anyone who spoke in favour of the issue was made a hero and they shunned or defamed anyone who remained quiet.

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Television news channels and newspapers who were struggling to survive during the COVID19 pandemic now had new masala to show to their audience. They got the eyeballs and thus the advertisers started flowing in. There were news channels who placed me in a box on the screen and ran ads all around me during the prime time news. Sushant’s passing saved jobs of so many media persons just because they had got their hands on me – the ‘rare’ picture of his dead body.

Politicians started fighting over the issue and each one of them tried to garner maximum support while speaking for or against Sushant’s mysterious passing. It is said that political rivals of Aditya Thackeray and Uddhav Thackeray used this as a ploy to overthrow the current Maharashtra government. Nitesh Rane, Narayan Rane and so many other politicians showed support and solidarity towards the Justice for SSR movement. I became a symbol of a demand for justice and a revolution that turned politically motivated.

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One particular news channel, Republic TV’s head, Arnab Goswami used me as a ruse to attack the Mumbai Police Commissioner, Param Bir Singh, Mumbai’s guardian minister, Aditya Thackeray and Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray. It appalled me to see the mud slinging, shouting and blame meted out by all the television channels. The noise pollution levels of India’s cities was at the highest during dinner time when almost every home watched the story as if it was a daily soap.

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When the FAU-G game was released by actor Akshay Kumar, conspiracy theorists started questioning if it was stolen from Sushant Singh Rajput’s computer. Nothing has been proven but it created a huge ruckus on social media and led to more discussions and rumour fanning. It did nothing for the Justice for SSR movement instead it just fanned controversy and conspiracy theories.

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So many self-proclaimed activists who called themselves SSR Warriors came into the forefront:

  • Prashant Kumar (the man who started the rumour of Aditya Thackeray’s involvement),
  • YouTuber Sahil Choudhury (arrested)
  • Lawyer Vibhor Anand (arrested)
  • Journalist Ujjwal Trivedi
  • Lawyer Ishkaran Bhandari  
  • Smita Parikh, actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend
  • YouTuber Varun Kapoor from USA (the fence sitter)
  • and many many others

Initially, all of them united in the crusade Justice for SSR and then later, one saw them getting swaying in many directions.

I wondered whether they even remembered why they started the crusade.

Sushant’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty took multiple U-turns during this entire controversy and for a while the focus moved from me to her. The issue spiralled from Sushant’s mysterious death to drugs in Bollywood. I was watching from the sidelines and was shocked to see how the PR teams of Rhea and other celebrities used this as an opportunity to earn during the lull of the lockdown.

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I watched silently how Rhea transformed from a scared kitten to a fearless vixen to a national hero for so many. It pained me to realise that this was the same lady who professed to love Sushant and despite that she took so many avatars in such a short time.

Sushant’s untimely demise gave name, fame and money to so many people and platforms. And they kept churning out more and more rumours to feed the appetite of the innocent public. All of them have used me as the centre point of their allegations and accusations. Each used me to create their own theories and defame people without proof. It pains me to be at the epicentre of this messy media storm.

Many ask: Was Sushant Singh Rajput murdered?

To this I answer: I don’t know if they murdered SSR but I know that the viral photo of his dead body has murdered the sweet memories of this magnificent actor.
It’s a scar on his soul and will haunt humanity forever.

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Families who were struggling with COVID-19 fear during the lockdown in June 2020 now had a reason to discuss during meal-times. They consumed all the content meted out by anybody and everybody and discussed it at length with friends and family. So, in a way, Sushant’s passing was a unifier of families and friends. It played a huge role in dispelling the pandemic fear and gave the public something new to talk about and should I say, remain entertained.

It pained me every time people used and abused me.

It’s just not fair.

Yes, even I want Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput but before that, I want justice for myself. I want to know why I was born? Who gave birth to me? Why did the person make me viral? What was the motive behind making a mockery of such a sad incident?

Let’s face it, I am no longer a proof of some misdoing.

I am just a ruse for people to get name, fame, money and entertainment.

I am ashamed to be the picture of the dead body of such a wonderfully talented young man.

I wonder if they would have done the same thing if I was a picture of their own family member or friend? Would they like it if someone did this with their loved one? Well, all I can say is, when Sushant lived, he inspired and ignited hope for millions. In his death, his picture became the earning source for so many. I wonder what Sushant would think while watching from heaven. Would he be enjoying this selfish circus that has been turned into a 24×7 entertainment ruse for the public? Or would he feel happy that his passing has made so many people rich and famous?

I really don’t know. But, what I know is:

I never deserved to be born. Nor did I deserve to go viral.

C’mon, can you even imagine your own kith and kin in Sushant’s place in the picture?

It will break your heart.

None of us know the truth around the sad and unfortunate death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Time will tell us how the truth will pan out. Maybe like many other unsolved mysteries this will also be handed over to conspiracy theorists who will further gain fame by making documentaries, movies and television shows around Sushant’s and my life.

While you are reading this story, you are probably thinking: What happened to Sushant Singh Rajput’s case? What is the latest update?

If you are then, congratulations, you are part of the jamboree, only God can judge you.

I hate my life. I truly do. I wish I was never born.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

©MayuraAmarkant. This is an original work of fiction written by Mayura Amarkant. Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental. This article – in whole or in part CANNOT be used by any platform without prior permission from the author. This article is the property of DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter. Any unauthorized use or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Mayura Amarkant (DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter). With the right and specific direction to the original content. This is NOT a sponsored post.

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