1. Ask us, the hiking freaks how important it is!
    Thanks for this post, though. Adds much more to my knowledge of water!

  2. ‘ Today, we simply forget to drink water’, Happens to me more frequently when staying home. But I know, I need to work on it. Thanks to your post, remotivated me to jump into action :).

      1. Yes, that seems to be a good idea. Thank u so much for keeping me in your mind through all these says😊

  3. I do start the day with 2 glasses of water and as the day progresses, I tend to forget about replenishing the water levels. I have to work on this front. Thanks for sharing the practical tips Mayura.

  4. I remember emptying my water bottle before returning home as a child, not wanting to get scolded. :p Well, I’ll begin keeping a bottle at my desk from now on. Going to drink a glass right away!

  5. The benefits of water are endless, Water is life itself.

    A lot of people also talk about the benefits of drinking warm water.

  6. This is such a valid point. We tried not to drink more water in school and college and the habit refuses to go. I’ve made it a point to drink a glass of water each morning. Must say, it does make me feel better.

  7. Interesting post! You must be health conscious to write something about health more seriously. Just saying 😉 because I’m health conscious, I can’t live without water, I drink too much and I needed it and got used to it. Can’t wait to read your other health related posts!! ✨☺️

  8. I have a lot of water Mayura. And you’ve made a valid point.
    But then what’s the theory about water retention. Is water therapy good for everyone?

    1. I have had a terrible water retention problem since my teen years. Have woken up with tiny eyes and a puffy face – many times. However, tt has disappeared after I increased my water intake, did Yoga and pursued my Health Transformation journey. I really dont know which of these worked for my water retention – or what is a combination. I feel, incase of any confusion, it’s always best to consult the doctor before trying anything new.

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