Diet tips for quick weightloss

7 Diet Modification Tips for assured weight loss| Avinash Khedekar

Almost everyone I know has “Weightloss in 2019” as the number one item in their list of New Year Resolutions. Most have enrolled in weight loss programmes, gym memberships and have begun sweating away with determination. I started my health transformation journey in March 2018. I returned to sports after 25 years and today, I am a happier & healthier person. I was introduced to the fascinating world of health and fitness enthusiasts like SR Shrikant, Mohit Anand, Sameer Karve.

My friends and readers have been asking me about my health transformation journey and I decided to satiate their curiosity by curating a post from my own fitness guru, Avinash Khedekar.

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He quietly coaches while watching us with care. The best part is that he changes the workout each class so we never end up getting bored.

Mayura Amarkant
Ashita & my early days in Avinash Sir’s class, notice how I am trying to hide my paunch…

My health transformation journey…I still have a long way to go…

The start of my health transformation journey was extremely painful. A rusted body has a very weird way of reacting. The key is to never give up. I had lost my confidence and hated looking in the mirror. Going to shop for clothes was embarrassing as most clothes didn’t fit me. My monthly period cycle was haywire and I got irregular periods with heavy flow and loads of tiredness. This made me turn towards finding solace in eating everything that made me feel better. I ate more than what my body needed, this added to my weight issues and lowered my stamina and self-confidence.

The high-point was when I came last in the Goregaon Sports Club marathon and was one of the weaker players in the club’s Throwball tournament. Being a gold medallist in running and a good throwball player in my school team, you can imagine what the failure did to my self-esteem.

I took a decision, a bold one – one that would change my life forever. I committed to a fitter and healthier life and started taking the right steps to change the course of my life.

I joined Avinash Sir’s aerobics class and Vasant Khetan Sir’s Yoga class. While aerobics gave me inch-loss, Yoga gave me flexibility and toned my lean muscle.

I used to work out in the last row in Avinash Sir’s class. Completely embarrassed with myself. Even the smallest actions made my body ache. But Avinash Sir showed so much faith and confidence in me and his entire class.

Slowly and steadily my stamina came back and so did my confidence. I am still walking the path…each time the benchmark is set higher and higher by Avinash Sir. For each student, the aspirational goal spurs them to move faster and achieve it.

health transformation 2019

My health transformation took away my excess weight, water retention tiredness, and PCOD.

I lost 18 kgs, moved from XXL to M size. I am agile, alert and I run neck to neck with my 13 year old for 100 metres race – All thanks to Avinash Sir. The workouts that he conducts made me believe in myself once again.

Here is another friend of mine who has achieved similar results with Avinash Sir through sheer hard work and perseverance.

Health transformation
Prof. Ashita Chaudhary says: “I moved from XXL to Large size, my aim is to get to Medium size. Regular exercise with an amazing coach like Avinash Sir has helped me. “

36-year-old Professor Ashita Choudhary, Avinash Sir’s student, and my fellow aerobics & yoga partner has lost her pregnancy weight. When I asked her about the number of inches and kgs she has lost, here is what she said:

“I lost around 10 kgs and have 15 more to lose. I don’t know about the inches because I never focused on that. I feel alert, can go long hours standing during my lectures. The best part is that I can fit into all my old clothes. I have moved from XXL to Large size and now my aim is to get into medium size clothes. With Avinash Sir’s coaching, I have discovered that focussing on health is so much more important than merely focussing on weightloss. She confesses that she never stopped eating junk, however, she also never gave up exercising. She attributes the entire credit to regular exercises and amazing coaches.” 

So, while Avinash Sir is a proponent of regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, he also believes that minor modifications in the daily diet routine can help you transform faster.

Here are 7 diet modifications that he believes will lead to assured weight loss and better health.

7 Diet Modifications for assured weight loss
Take a printout of these golden words & stick it on your refrigerator.

I am sure you have a lot of questions about diet and exercise. Do write them in the comments section below, I will get them answered by Avinash Sir. 

In the next post, Avinash Sir will talk about 7 things you can do in order to lose weight fast. Do wait for it :).

Don’t forget to like, share and comment on this post. I would love to read your feedback and suggestions. 

Curated & Written by:
Mayura Amarkant


  1. I know Avinash since 8 years and he is one of the finest,determined and hard working Fitness Therapist. I worked with him and he has very nice teaching skill. Wish he gets more success and life. All the Best Avinash. God Bless You. 🙂

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  2. What an amazing transformation Mayura and you have worked really hard to nail it. My problem is the cholesterol issue that I tried to control without statins for three months with lemon water but it shot up to 5.5 last December. Also, how regular walk can help cut the slack?

    Liked by 1 person

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