Saroj’s Kitchen: #4 Mix Veg Daliya |Power packed, immunity building, broken wheat porridge | Easy to make Breakfast recipe

The COVID19 pandemic has shifted the focus of almost every person towards health. At present, the only way to beat this and other pandemics is to build immunity. All the doctors are talking about eating a balanced meal. However, one of the biggest issues that the lady of the house faces is to add variety and taste to a healthy and nutritious meal.

Proponents of non-vegetarianism always talk of how vegetarians are at a loss and need to compensate for their nutrition. However, Saroj Mom from Saroj’s Kitchen firmly believes that human anatomy is not made to digest non-vegetarian food. She also believes that there is a lot of healing power in the vegetarian way of living.

We are always looking for quick breakfast options that are tasty and nutritious.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it needs to contain enough proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals to help you kickstart your day. When I asked Saroj Mom to suggest quick and easy breakfast options to build immunity, she immediately fished out a recipe idea from her treasure trove. What’s more, she gave me a variation of this recipe as well.

I am about to tell you a recipe that uses no oil, less salt and zero masalas. It is packed with nutrition and is extremely healthy too! 


Broken wheat or Daliya is believed to be one of the most nutritious meal options. Mix Vegetable Daliya (porridge) can be eaten as breakfast or as a full meal. This recipe uses homemade ghee and thus keeps you away from the harmful effects of processed oil. At the end of this recipe, you will get a variation that will delight your family & kids.

Total cooking time: 15 min maximum

Ingredients for Mix Veg Daliya:

For porridge:
2 cups broken wheat (daliya)
1 tsp homemade ghee
2 cups of water
Salt to taste
Finely chopped vegetables (1 small potato, half capsicum, 1 small carrot, tomato)
You can also add peas, cauliflower or any other vegetable of your choice

For seasoning:
3 tsp homemade ghee
1 pinch asafoetida
1 tsp cumin seeds

For garnishing: (Optional)
Chopped coriander
Roasted/Fried cashew nuts OR crushed roasted peanuts

Quick & Easy Procedure to a Power packed, Nutritious Breakfast

  • Dry roast the broken wheat for about 2-3 minutes in a pressure cooker
  • Add 1 tsp of homemade ghee and continue roasting till it changes colour (watch video)
  • Add water, salt and all the vegetables
  • Pressure cook on medium/high flame for 2 whistles
  • Allow it to depressurize naturally
  • Open the cooker, season, stir and serve
  • How to season: Heat ghee, add the asafoetida, cumin seeds. Pour on the porridge & stir

Saroj Mom’s tip: In order to add a dash of health to the porridge it is imperative to season it with homemade desi ghee. If served this way, the nutrition in the ghee will positively impact the body’s health and immunity.

Seasoning the Daliya is a critical step to add the goodness of homemade ghee, asafoetida & cumin to your morning diet.

Variations to this Mix Veg Daliya recipe:

  1. Replace salt with organic jaggery
  2. Instead of vegetables, add dry fruits
  3. Enjoy with milk
Mixed Veg Daliya
Whether sweet or salty, broken wheat is easily one of the most nutritious meals that can build immunity quickly & surely.

Personally, I LOVE this recipe not only because its easy to make but since it uses zero masalas, my little one simply loves the taste. It’s amazing to see a picky eater like her polish of the plate in no time.

Do try this easy and simple recipe at home and do share your experience with us. Saroj Mom would love to read your comments. 

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant


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