#40NotOut | Healthy Eating is the key to faster weight loss and a healthier life| #BlogchatterA2Z

People often compliment me for my health transformation and ask me: What exactly do you eat? What do you mean when you say you eat healthily? Read on to find out...

#40NotOut | How to generate a fitness regime and stick to it |#BlogchatterA2Z

What is your daily routine like? Is there a way you can squeeze in just 2 hours for yourself? If the answer is NO then you are not ready for a health transformation journey. If the answer is 'maybe' then you can read on and stay inspired on your path to good health.

#40NotOut |Fortify yourself before you begin your health transformation | #BlogchatterA2Z

In this post, I will be talking to you about how to fortify yourself before you begin your health transformation. Warning: Stay & read on only if you are interested in making a positive change to your life. Else, now is a time to shut this blog, pick up a burger and laze while you play with your phone.

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