When Meera met Radha…

She sang his bhajans and swirled swiftly many times. After a while, she fell prostrate before His idol and placed her head at his lotus feet.

Hot tear drops found their way down her pretty face as she gently tugged at her Ektara and crooned, प्रभु जी तुम
दर्शन बिन मोय घड़ी चैन नहीं आवड़े …
She opened her eyes and looked up at HIS idol… her Krishna… her Ram… her everything… she wiped his feet with her pallu even as the tears kept falling.

Her heart was beating loudly, threatening to burst with her love for her Krishna….

All you wanted to know about Cryptocurrency in 2023 – Investment Guide for beginners

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage. In fact, there was a huge surge in cryptocurrency trading last year, with over $20 billion being invested in cryptocurrencies. While many people are excited about this new technology and its potential to reshape our financial system, others may be concerned about their investments or don’t understand what cryptocurrency actually is. If you’re not sure where to start your research on this topic, join me as we dive into the basics of cryptocurrencies and how they work!

Let’s Make This World More Accessible And Inclusive For Disabled Persons

We humans inherently have a naturally prejudiced mindset. From an early age, we are socialized to believe that people with disabilities are not as good as others and should be treated differently. This idea of disability being a barrier to a person’s success is heavily ingrained in the minds of many people, including those who are disabled themselves.

This blog post will review ways to make the world more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities. Find out how we can become a more empathetic society, teach kids to be more inclusive, and harness technology to make jobs accessible!

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