Women In India Face Mid-Life Crisis Earlier Than Usual

Indian women business owners are hitting a mid-life crisis early in their lives, where they start to question the success of their careers and businesses. With India’s youngest population in the world, many of these women are key decision-makers rather than homemakers.


Women in India face a mid-life crisis earlier than usual due to the immense pressure they face to conform to society’s expectations. They are expected to be perfect wives, mothers, and homemakers while also juggling their careers. This often leads to feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with their lives. Many women end up sacrificing their own needs and desires in order to meet these unrealistic standards. As a result, they can experience a mid-life crisis at a much younger age than women in other parts of the world.

Types of Mid-life Crisis

It is a sad but harsh reality that women in India face a mid-life crisis at a much earlier age than women in the western world. This is due to a combination of factors, including the high expectations placed on them by society, the pressure to succeed both professionally and domestically, and the general lack of support systems in place for women as they age.

As a result, many women in India find themselves grappling with feelings of isolation, inadequacy, and depression in their late 30s and early 40s. If not addressed properly, this can lead to serious mental health problems down the road.

There are a few different types of mid-life crisis that women in India commonly experience:


The first is what we call the “success crisis.” This is when a woman feels like she has not accomplished enough in her life, despite all her hard work. She may feel like she’s let herself and her family down if she’s not made it to a certain level professionally or if she’s not been able to have children.


The second type of mid-life crisis is the “identity crisis.” This is when a woman begins to question who she really is and what she wants out of life. She may feel like she’s lost herself somewhere along the way and doesn’t know how to get back on track.


Finally, there is the “empty nest syndrome.” This occurs when a woman’s children have grown up and left home, leaving her feeling isolated.

Why are Women in India Experiencing a Mid-life Crisis at an Early Age?

There are a number of reasons why women in India face a mid-life crisis earlier than usual. One of the main reasons is the lack of support from family and society. Women in India are often expected to take on all the responsibilities of the household, including raising children and taking care of elderly parents. This can be incredibly stressful and lead to feelings of being trapped and unfulfilled.

In addition, women in India often do not have the same opportunities as men when it comes to education and employment. This can leave them feeling like they have not accomplished as much as they could have, or that they are not living up to their potential. Additionally, women in India still face a lot of discrimination both at home and in the workplace. All of these factors can contribute to an early mid-life crisis.

What are the Effects of this Crisis on their Health and Family?

The pandemic has had a profound effect on the mental and physical health of women in India. Many are struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders. The lockdown has also taken a toll on their physical health, with many reporting weight gain, hair loss, and skin problems.

Many women are also facing difficulties within their families. The lockdown has put a strain on relationships, with couples arguing more and children acting out. Women are also shouldering the majority of the domestic burden, leading to feelings of exhaustion and resentment.

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the lives of women in India. They are facing significant challenges to their mental and physical health, as well as their relationships within their families.

How can this Mid-life Crisis be Overcome?

It is no secret that women in India face a number of challenges that their counterparts in developed countries do not. From early marriage and motherhood to limited access to education and employment, Indian women have a lot on their plate. And yet, they continue to persevere.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Indian women is the mid-life crisis. This usually occurs earlier than usual, due to the added pressure of managing a home and family. Women are often left feeling unfulfilled and unappreciated, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

So how can this crisis be overcome?

Firstly, it is important to recognize that the mid-life crisis is real and valid. It is not something that should be swept under the rug or ignored. Secondly, reach out for help if you are struggling. There are many organisations and individuals who are willing to support you through this tough time. Finally, take some time for yourself. Make sure you have some hobbies or activities that make you happy outside of your family commitments. This will help you feel more balanced and fulfilled.

Are you also facing a mid-life crisis? Do share your journey in the comments section below.

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Mayura Amarkant

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