complimenting a girl who lost weight

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Kuch toh log kahenge,
Logon ka kaam hai kehna…

At a social gathering, what is the first statement that people exchange after saying hello? Well, it’s either a remark about the clothes or the appearance. Yes, most people are shallow – they judge people on their clothes and appearance.

complimenting a girl who lost weight

Surely, I had kept my friends, family & followers updated about my health transformation journey. Most of them were super happy about it and I also made a lot of new friends on my journey. However, I still encountered many people who insisted on passing weird remarks that ranged from interfering to downright mean.

People are not unappreciative – sometimes they just don’t know what to say 🙂

There are a couple of things that I have come to realise through my weight loss journey:

  • People are superficial – One is that people judge others based on looks and appearance – they hardly care about what is inside.
  • People love to judge others – All humans have a 24×7 scanner set in their eyes and a processor in their brains. They operate from their bias while dealing with others
  • People don’t know how to handle other’s achievements – Most people are conditioned to be envious of others and thus compliments don’t come easily and effortlessly.
  • People are conscious of their own bodies and thus when another person achieves a victory over their body, its difficult to digest.
  • Body shaming is part of everyday life and behaviour.

Given the above reasons for people’s remarks, I end up forgiving and forgetting. I urge you all to do the same.

Read the rest of the post with a pinch of salt and enjoy your weight loss journey!

Here are some witty replies that you can give to people who passed rude and weird remarks on your weight loss:

“Are you sick?”

28-year-old Sulbha had gained some weight delivery and wanted to fit into a designer outfit at her brother’s wedding. She religiously walked for one hour, 5 times a week and went for dance aerobics three times a week. She added a strict healthy diet regime and lost about 6 kgs in around 3 months. She looked leaner, fitter, younger and happier.

someone told me i gained weight

The other day she entered the elevator, Shukla aunty was already inside. She gasped and said, “Oh gosh, beta, are you sick? Kitni dubli ho gayi hai, beemar ho kya?” Sulbha turned red in the face, smiled sheepishly and mumbled something.

Next time anyone says: “Are you sick?”
Just reply: “Yes I am, aren’t you?”


“You look weird.”

35-year-old Sonia weighed 86 kgs before starting her health transformation journey. She hired a trainer and started spending an hour at the gym and another hour at Yoga,  6 times a week. Coupled with a nutrition-rich diet, Sonia lost around 10 kgs in 4 months. She loved the fact that she didn’t need to take auto-rickshaw for short distances.

complimenting a girl who lost weight

One evening, she was walking home from the railway station after office. She had a chance meeting with Ashish, her college crush and neighbour. He was now a pot-bellied office-goer with a receding hairline. He wore thick-rimmed spectacles and donned a moustache that hid his dark lips and cigarette stained lips. He stopped in his tracks and took a long hard look at her and said, “Hmmn….you look weird…what has changed about you? Tell me? Her heart sank, she mumbled something about being late for home and left hurriedly.

Next time anyone says: “You look weird.”
Just reply: “Yes! I grew a 2nd head !”


“You look a lot better.”

Monica had always been chubby-faced ever since she could remember. She got engaged a little after her 24th birthday. She joined Zumba & Cross-fit for weight loss and body toning. She even consulted a dietician who suggested a great diet chart. After around 6 months of hard work, she lost her baby fat and got her PCOS under control.

The 9 Best Things to Say to Someone Who Has Lost Weight

At the MBA reunion, she bumped into Neelima, her college acquaintance. Neelima used to be the hip and cool girl at the MBA institute, the one every guy wanted to date. When she saw  Monica, she gasped and said, “Wow! You look a lot better! What have you done?” Since Monica was always in awe of Neelima, she was flustered and couldn’t think of an answer. She merely took a sip of her drink and kept nodding at her.

Next time anyone says: “You look a lot better.”
Just reply: “So all the earlier compliments were lies?”


“Don’t gain it back.”

40-year-old Sakshi was a total foodie whose sedentary lifestyle led her to loss of muscle strength, weight-gain and near-zero stamina. She fell in love with a healthy lifestyle and soon gained strength, lost fat around her organs and built her stamina. She followed advice from her coach and fit classmates and loved her new-found health.

don't comment on my weight

She was thrilled to meet her friends after a long time at a party. She had planned that day to her cheat day so that she didn’t have to worry about her diet. She was about to dig into her first potato chip when her friend, a former model, exclaimed, “Hahaha, the foodie in you will never die! You need to be careful, don’t gain it back babe!” She said this and popped a succulent piece of pineapple & cheese and took a sip of her fizzy vodka. Sakshi’s hands went back to her pocket and she excused herself to go to the washroom.

Next time anyone says: “Don’t gain it back.”
Just reply: “Lol…but you will judge me anyways, won’t you?”


“I wish I had your life.”

39-year-old, Navya was a soccer mom turned athlete. She used to get bored waiting for her son’s at their sports classes. Gossiping was really not her scene so she joined fitness classes to kill time. One thing led to another and today, Navya is an award-winning sports person and marathon runner. Her life swung between managing her kids, her busy home with in-laws & guests, a husband who was busy earning money and her fitness routine.


She used to practice sports with a few ladies every evening. Needless to say that her fitness allowed her to ace at the sport. Many women enviously remarked, “You are so lucky ya Navya, I wish I had your life.” Navya would smile and return to her exercise.

Next time anyone says: “I wish I had your life.”
Just reply: “Its a package deal, be careful what you ask for.”


“Its about time!”

28-year-old, Samantha turned to fitness and weightloss when she fell in love with hiking and trekking. She realised that she needed to be fit so that she enjoys to the fullest. She stood heavy at 90 kgs and enrolled for aerobics, pilates and Yoga. She lost a lot of subcutaneous and visceral fat, gained core strength and lean muscle. She worked in Mumbai and went back to her Delhi home for a brief holiday.

People will want to talk about your weight loss ..

Her paternal aunt came to visit and when she walked into the room with chai, her aunt gasped and remarked snidely, “It was high-time you lost weight! Good to see you like this.” Samantha felt her ears going red but she chose to keep quiet and left the room.

Next time anyone says: “It’s about time.”
Just reply: “For you to mind your business? Yes it is!”


I really hope this post brought a smile to your faces. We all know that people will continue to judge and pass remarks. It is up to us on how we take it.

Let me know your own experiences and whether you liked this post. I would love to read your thoughts.

Keep following this series – there are lots of amazing tips and secrets that I have planned as part of #BlogchatterA2Z. 

Do write in your queries, suggestions and comments. Would love to read and respond. 

Penned by

Mayura Amarkant 


Dear Reader: You must know that I am not a healthcare expert and nor am I posing to be one through this series. I am sharing my personal experiences and journey. I urge you to speak to your healthcare professional before trying anything in this series.







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