Sedentary lifestyle and Yoga

There is NO Magic Pill to Weightloss | Commit yourself to a fitter life, rest will follow

This post is for every person who is extremely busy with their family and work. If you are someone who is always on the run, tending to home, family, work, friends and other things, with no time for yourself, then this post is for you.

When was the first time you said:

“I have a headache?”

“I am tired. Let’s do this tomorrow.”

“You go, I want to catch up on my sleep.”

When was the first time you felt your:

  • Bones creaking
  • Breath getting heavy when you walked up the stairs
  • Body feeling stiff in the morning
  • Lower backache

When was the first time you:

  • Went to sleep when someone was talking to you
  • Felt angry for no reason
  • Didn’t feel like waking up in the morning
  • Felt lethargic at work

If you don’t remember which was your first time and are facing all or even one of the above symptoms, then its time to take a step back and relook at your lifestyle.

The problem with ill-health is that by the time it hits you that you have a health issue, it is already late. It’s better to be safe than sorry, start focussing on your health before anything crops up.

If you are a woman and you are feeling sudden weightgain, lethargy and irritation, you may be facing Thyroid issues. Click here to know How to Manage Thyroweight.

A while ago, I was feeling 90 percent of the above symptoms and that’s when I committed myself to a healthy lifestyle. I went back to sports after 25 years…click the link to read how I lost 7.5 kgs and turned into a happier person.  

However, after the initial rapid weight loss, I hit a plateau and that is when the maximum motivation was needed. I have now started setting small goals for myself and every time, that way I am moving towards a target.

Here is what my workout routine is like:

  1. 7-10 minutes of light warm-up
  2. 5-6 km walk
  3. 3-minute battle ropes
  4. 60-second plank
  5. 7-10 minute cooldown

I try and do the above at least 4 times a week. In addition to this, its either swimming (one hour) or gym (one-hour cardio). On some days, I take a relaxing deep tissue body massage for toning followed by sauna and steam.

My dietician as advised to supplement the workout with a carb-free and sugar-free diet + Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins.

I have already been taking vitamins & health supplements and they are AMAZING! They contribute to making me feel energetic and alert all day. NO, they are NOT weightloss pills.  Click the link to know more about how my life changed by using these certified health supplements.

Starting tomorrow, i.e. June 18, 2018, I am starting my Marathon training. It is my dream to be a circuit runner some day.

Sedentary lifestyle and Yoga
Sedentary lifestyle, staring at photos won’t make you healthy. Get up & make fitness a lifestyle.

Here is the thing: There is no shortcut to a great body, it is a function of lots of hard work, commitment & daily effort towards fitness. Doing a little bit every day will contribute to your overall health.

There is NO Magic Pill to Weightloss | Commit yourself to a fitter life, rest will follow


Wish me luck!!

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant 

This post is part of the blog train for World Yoga Day called “On track to good health”.  Thanks, Sabeeka of MomsMethods for introducing me. I would like to hand over the baton to Nehakshma to continue our journey to good health. Nehakshma Wanjara, a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Mumbai. She is an award-winning blogger who bagged the Salisonline Award for Best Blogger in 2016. It is her vision to provide her viewers with an in-depth view of style essentials so she founded ‘The Style Forever‘ to connect with fashion lovers and create a fashionable community. You must hop over and visit her blog, it’s a wonderful read.

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  1. Wowww a super amazing post as usual I also need to follow a strict weight loss program let’s see how it’s start but a very motivational post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s admirable, Mayura. The best thing is that you haven’t given up on the workout even after reducing. Time for me to get back to the grind after staying laidback for a while!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Heya weight loss for women according to me is a roller-coaster ride. Hats off to your achievement. Wishes for the marathon training. My dad is 50+ and he motivates us, he finished 2 marathons in Pune under the 50+ category and stood second in both of them. It is very important to understand slow and steady wins the race in the case of weight loss journey too.


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