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Now, for today’s secret by Saroj Mom. This post is for all the potato lovers who love to add the vegetable in anything that they make. Some even add salt and chaat masala and enjoy a quick snack of yummy boiled potatoes.


In recent times, potatoes have faced flak due to the heightened interest in low-carb foods. However, these tubers are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals. Studies say that they can help ward off disease and are good for human health.
Saroj mom ensures that the family gets a healthy portion of potatoes at least thrice a week. She believes there are many benefits of consuming this tuber in different forms.

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One of the common problems that one faces in the kitchen is, boiling potatoes to perfection. Many of our readers share that they either overcook or undercook the potatoes and some even said that the potato tears at the skin.

Here are Saroj Mom’s expert tips to boil potatoes perfectly:

Step One: Choosing the right potatoes

Saroj mom advises: Choose round or oblong medium size potatoes. Avoid potatoes that have grown roots, look greenish in colour or have rotten sides. Its okay for the potatoes to be a bit dirty but it isn’t okay if the potatoes don’t look healthy.



Step Two: Wash & clean potatoes thoroughly

Saroj mom says that she has noticed that many cooks don’t wash the potatoes before boiling them. She believes that this can spoil the taste as the dirt and mud get absorbed by the porous nature of the potato. She thus advises washing and cleaning the potatoes thoroughly.


Step Three: Put the potatoes in a pressure cooker

Saroj mom shares her secret to perfect boiled potatoes: The water must be just enough to cover the potatoes. Add some salt – this will ensure that the skins don’t burst and the potatoes cook perfectly.

Saroj mom observes that a lot of cooks, in a hurry to hasten the cooking process end up allowing too many whistles and then place the cooker under running water to let off the steam. She believes that her method is better.

Pressure cook on high heat for 3 whistles. Turn off the gas and wait for the cooker to cool down till its safe to open the lid.


Step Four: Final step to perfectly boiled potatoes

Saroj mom advises cooks not to hurry up and be patient.

Once the cooker has cooled down, remove the potatoes from the water, transfer to a clean dish and allow them to cool completely. Peel them after they are cooled completely.


Saroj Mom says: “Through these 4 simple steps, one is ensuring that the potatoes cook in their own heat and thus loss of nutrients is minimal.”


Do let us know how you found the tips in this post. Ask Saroj mom about tips, tricks, and kitchen hacks, she will be happy to answer.

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Saroj KrishanKant Jain

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