#NoFilter- Mayura Amarkant Trapped in Heaven and other stories

Short Story: #NoFilter | From Trapped In Heaven & Other Stories | Mayura Amarkant


A 15-year-old is dying because of a rare congenital disease. She wants to complete the last item in her bucket list and seeks help from her grieving mother. Will the duo be able to achieve the goal? My favourite story. Keep a box of tissues handy while reading this one.

#NoFilter- Mayura Amarkant Trapped in Heaven and other stories

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Trapped In Heaven & other stories is an anthology of fiction written by debutante author, Mayura Amarkant. It contains 9 short stories that circle around the myriad shades of love and relationships. Using a gripping narrative, Mayura spins each story with great élan, keeping the reader hooked till the end.

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If you are a die-hard romantic or a fan of erotica, then this book is for you.

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Mayura Amarkant 


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