Short Story: Her first kiss…

teen love
She played hard to get…but finally agreed

“One kiss, Mythu, what harm will it do? I am eighteen years old, never been kissed, my friends laugh at me.”

“So approach someone else, why me?”

“Because you are stunningly beautiful and you want it as badly as me…” he pulled her closer to him and whispered in her ears.

“You want it Mythu…don’t you?”

His warm breath made her ears go red. She yanked her hand and stared at him while her bosom swelled up and felt an unusual feeling of excitement rushing through her nerves.

14-year-old Mythili was sitting in the park with her best friend, Satyendra. While they discussed girls, boys, crushes and love, Mythili had shared with him how she often fantasised about the passionate lip lock she had seen on television.

Satya had pounced on the idea like a hungry wolf and was pursuing her like crazy. She shunned him out of fear and guilt though she secretly wanted to experience it herself.
She used to read the sex advice columns in the newspaper and also the women’s magazines her mom brought home. Each time she read them, her flight of fantasy would take off, she would imagine herself with Satya and end up perspiring. When Satya proposed the idea of sharing a kiss, she played hard to get, so that he would work hard to woo her.

Lip Lock
First Kiss…

Her mind was full of dreams of how her first kiss would be. She yearned to feel complete with Satya – her best friend and closest confidante. He was her elder brother’s friend, they had met during a fun fair organised by her colony’s youth group two years ago. Ever since they used to speak on the phone, chat on the internet and exchange text messages. They shared several secrets and loved to talk to each other.

Mythili didn’t realise when her friendship for Satya had turned into a deep crush. Satya’s image was the first that fell on the mirror of her tender mind and fancying him was now her favourite pass time.

Sharing her first kiss with her first crush was like realising a cherished dream. After a few days of gentle coaxing and wooing, she was finally ready.

Satya had identified the terrace of the last building in the colony, the top floors were empty and no one ever went there. He smuggled a clean bed sheet so that they would be comfortable in the dust.

Her first kiss
They kissed…like there was no tomorrow

Mythili had played the scene several times in her head and was extremely tense; Satya too was very very scared.

After their awkward and nervous lip lock and a bit of touching, both of them descended the stairs, quietly without any eye contact at all…things were never the same after that…she fell hopelessly in love with a worried Satya.

He was so scared that he quietly left for a bigger city to pursue his further studies without telling her. Satya never turned back …she continued to search for him…an endless search…never yielding .

Even after so many years, she drifted into the past in her dreams; flashes of what happened on the terrace ran through her mind’s eye.

The guilt, fear and shame that followed the kissing incident, never left her.

He instinctively put his arms around her.

She woke up with a start, in cold sweat only to find that Vinod had returned and quietly slipped into bed beside her.

She bent towards her husband, kissed him on the lips and put her head on his chest, as if by instinct, he put his arms around her. But it wasn’t the same feeling.
It never will be.

—Penned by Mayura Amarkant

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