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In the last blog post, you learned about the importance of warm-up exercises and also got a sneak peek into the best 5-minute warm-up. Cooldown is as important as the warm-up exercise routine.

A lot of beginners ask:

  • What is cooldown exercise?
  • Is cool down necessary?
  • What happens if you don’t cool down?
  • How long should a cool down last?
  • Which are the best exercises for a cool down?

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What is cooldown exercise?

Cooling down is an easy exercise done after vigorous exercise. It allows the body to slowly go back to the resting or near-resting state. The cooling down exercises depend on the intensity of the exercise. If you are running then cooling down could involve slow jog or walk. If you are in a low impact cardio workout like aerobics then it would involve a series of stretches.

cooldown benefits

Benefits of cool down:

  • Reduce heart and breathing rates
  • Gradually cools body temperature
  • Prevents pooling of blood in legs
  • Restores body & muscles to rest or near rest state

Which are the best cool-down exercises?

Cooldown exercises for the muscles largely depend on which part of the body you focussed on during the exercise e.g. if you worked on your triceps then you need to relax them adequately.

It is always good to include a complete body cool down in your exercise routine.

Here are a few simple cool-down exercises that I continue to use in my fitness routine.

  • It is recommended that you repeat each stretch for 20 seconds or do 20 seconds per side.
  • I also include relaxation exercises in my cool down – it includes deep breathing or just lying on the ground with mindful breathing (Yoga style – Shavasana).
  • These cool down exercises need to be done very slowly and steadily
  • The gentle movements and stretches will help keep your body healthy.

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These are largely self-explanatory and therefore I haven’t gone into the details of any of these.

Incase you are unable to understand, do drop in a message in the comment box and I will surely help you.


I really hope my post and the #BlogchatterA2Z series on my blogzine inspires you. 

Do write in your queries, suggestions and comments. Would love to read and respond. 

Penned by

Mayura Amarkant 


Dear Reader: You must know that I am not a healthcare expert and nor am I posing to be one through this series. I am sharing my personal experiences and journey. I urge you to speak to your healthcare professional before trying anything in this series.


  1. Just like warm up, cooling down is equally important. I am very impressed with how you are describing each and every detail and touching every aspect of exercising.

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