Healthy chocolates: Guilt-free indulgence this festive season

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I am a sports person and my health transformation journey has been life changing.

However, I am a chocolate lover and on the constant lookout for chocolates that will allow me to stay on the path of good health.

I have been trying out different options to ensure that clean eating is not boring.

Recently, I came across Bee Tee’s MELT brand of chocolates and was pleasantly surprised!

  • Bean to bar artisan chocolates
  • All natural
  • Single origin
  • Preservative free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy free
  • Refined sugar free
  • Vegan & vegetarian

How can something that is so healthy be so yummy?

Being a fan of pure cocoa, I simply loved this health indulgence over the weekend. I am going to sail through this festive season with cheer and zero guilt!

Their website had a lot of options, however, I chose three and now they are my favourite flavours:

Dark chocolate

They loaded this one with cacao beans, palm sugar and cocoa butter. With 72% cacao one would expect it to be bitter, however, palm sugar evens out the taste on your tongue. It’s really smooth to taste. If you are a fan of dark chocolate, you will love this one!

Milk Chocolate

One needs to develop a taste for this one. Traditionally, milk chocolate is synonymous with an overload of a sugary sweet option. This one is different, it contains cocoa beans, brown sugar, cocoa beans and milk. With 48% of cocoa, the Melt milk chocolate is a sweeter option to the dark chocolate.

Coconut Milk Chocolate

This one is my favourite! Every bite is worth it! It melts in the mouth and teases your taste buds for a long time. It contains the goodness of coconut milk, cocoa beans, cocoa butter and coconut sugar. One just cannot stop at one bite of this wholesome yumminess.

I loved the packaging! Very elite!

Overall, I loved the experience of trying a new brand of chocolates. The packaging is very attractive and different, the matte finish of the cover gives it a very rich look.

If you are looking for a guilt free indulgence, then the Bees Tee’s Melt chocolate options are for you.

You can order them on their website. Trust me, you are going to thank me later!

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter. This blogpost has been written by Mayura Amarkant only after she tasted and evaluated the products. We are completely impressed and convinced of Bees Tee’s Melt and their products. However, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter takes no responsibility for the content quality, endorsements or information put out by Bees Tee’s or their associates. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter urges readers to take their buying decisions independently after doing their own due diligence


  1. The packaging is very high end, rightly called on what branding means to emerge as upmarket with the touch of handicraft. I love dark choco and seems for this new festive season, healthy, artisan and glutton free combo is Bee Tee’s Melt coming as a unique brand for all palettes.


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