7 reasons why Entrepreneurs must attend this meet to expand their Circle of Influence

As an entrepreneur, one of the challenges is to reach out to a larger audience – one that is beyond your friends, family and acquaintances.

As they say, NETWORK is NET-WORTH and expanding your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE is critical to achieve success in business.

Of course, there are innumerable platforms where entrepreneurs can network. However, those platforms are limited to mere card exchanges.

Entrepreneurs are always craving to tell the world about the great work that they are doing and ensure that their business spreads by Word Of Mouth. This Entrepreneur’s Meet is an answer to entrepreneurs who are looking for a showcase and meaningful networking.

Before you continue reading, let me clarify – this is NOT A SPONSORED POST. Shalu R. Varadkar is a friend & professional colleague. I have been watching her work for the past 2 years and have had a fantastic experience in all professional interactions. This post has been written with an intent to make more Entrepreneurs aware of this fantastic networking platform. 

Solutions Consultant- Events & HR has been conducting entrepreneur’s meets for a while now. Here are 7 reasons why Entrepreneur’s Meet – Scratch to Success will propel you to success:

1. A unique platform where you can expand your Circle of Influence by meeting other entrepreneurs, showcase your business online & offline.
2. One it’s kind initiative where no minimum experience, age or criteria is required. Entrepreneurs across age are most welcome.
3. A neutral platform where you get well-deserved time to share your journey – the obstacles, struggles and road to success. A roomful of achievers will listen, interact and appreciate your work.
4. A closed group of minimum 15 and maximum 25 attendees to enable maximum networking and personal connect.
5. For new entrepreneurs, it serves as a grooming platform as this is probably their first exposure to an audience beyond their own circle. Speaking to a roomful of strangers lends an amazing sense of confidence.
6. What’s more, it brings value to business in the form of word of mouth publicity, online publicity and leads.
7.  These meets don’t burn a hole in the pocket of entrepreneurs – this allows a potpourri of entrepreneurs to join in. They all get an added advantage of being individually showcased on our online platform – something that no networking meet offers.
I got an opportunity to get Up, close & Personal with Shalu R. Varadkar, Award-winning Digital Leader, founder of Solutions Consultants – Events & HR, Owner of Facebook Groups: MW Mommies World For You & Me, Entrepreneurs Hub & Put Me In Touch – Real Mumbai .

So, who is Shalu R. Varadkar?

Entrepreneurs Shalu Varadkar
Power Couple: Shalu & Rohan Varadkar

Anyone who has met her will know that she is not only a powerhouse of positive energy but a person who possesses a pure heart that is always beating for others. The time, effort and passion that she puts into a project is amazing – she does so, irrespective of the money value she is receiving in return. That is the best part about knowing and working with her is – you will get 100% commitment, experience unlimited fun & a sure shot assurance of success for your projects.

But, wait a minute, this post is NOT about her. This one is about helping one of her pet projects where she helps ENTREPRENEURS to expand their Circle of Influence.

Here are are a few excerpts of our conversation:

Wow! Solutions Consultant- Events & HR completed 17 years recently! How does it feel?

Its a dream that I live every single day. Over the past 17 years the company has been working on empowering candidates & entrepreneurs across India. There is no bigger satisfaction than helping entrepreneurs grow, appreciating their good work, walking with them & providing a neutral platform where no-one is a judge & every member works on supporting the other. I have celebrated every moment. (smiles)

How and when did you decide to start the Entrepreneur’s Meet – Scratch to Success? Tell us about the concept.

So! I noticed people going for networking meets where they joined in crowd and end of the meet, all they have is, each other’s business cards in their hands. There was no platform where they could speak about their journey, their success and failures or no special feature anywhere in virtual world that they had attended meet, except venue check-ins and meeting 2/3 people in person.(May be that worked for referrals).

I wanted to build a platform where every entrepreneur is given time to express themselves. Their journey is hear and their venture is positioned before an audience that is receptive, responsive and worthy.

And this is how Entrepreneur’s Meet- Scratch To Success was born.

What are your future plans?

I intend to take Entrepreneur’s Meet- Scratch To Success to metro cities and prominent business hubs in Maharashtra. It is my vision to reach small scale entrepreneurs who are seek recognition and a platform where their business can be showcased.

I clearly remember one the attendees of Entrepreneur’s Meet- Scratch To Success mentioning: “Shalu, it felt like we are thrown in a jungle and nobody was bothered. You gave us a platform to share our hard-work. Thank you so much!”

Are there any interesting anecdotes or experiences you wish to share about the Entrepreneur’s Meet?
Mayura! There is not one but plenty experiences I can share. Imagine at our launch event, when nobody knew our motive and infact it was a trial for us also, we had more than 30 entrepreneurs sharing their startup journey.
Our second meet we featured two college going students who started their journey from few rupees and now own a unit of T-shirt manufacturing and before that nobody knew these gems, except their own circle. Now they are successfully surpassing their goals and going places.

Recently you had a mega event at Liebherr. What was it about?
Liebherr is a German company that is into electronic appliances for High Networth clients. We held the 7th edition and mega reunion of all the entrepreneurs at Liebherr – it was a win-win as they got an opportunity to showcase their products to their Target Audience and my entrepreneur friends could interact with attendees of other meets.

Liebherr and Shalu Varadkar
Power Couple: Shalu & Rohan Varadkar with Durgesh Pitroda, Asst Manager – Marketing, Liebherr

“It was amazing to collaborate with Solutions Consultant Events & HR for the reunion of the Entrepreneur’s meet. We met several entrepreneurs & their journey to success were extremely interesting The power that Shalu builds into her events is commendable. We are looking forward to a long-term association with her and Solutions.”

Durgesh Pitroda
Asst Manager – Marketing, Liebherr

What makes you go beyond your scope to service your clients?
My father’s teachings…I remember, he used to tell me if you charge someone Rs 100/- , give them work of Rs 150/- and that’s how they will build faith in you as a person you are. The faith you will gather  is more  important than anything. I really hope that my father is watching from above and is happy with what I am doing.

For more details about the meet, please contact Shalu on: 099208 86672 or leave a message on the Facebook page. (Click here)

Let me know if you have any questions for Shalu, do leave your comments about this post.

As told to:

Mayura Amarkant


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