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Have you thought about why you neglect yourself all

the time?



Ever since we understand that we are alive, we are conditioned to live for others. Give love, time, gifts to others and behave in ways that will make others happy.  While learning this behaviour, we are rewarded each time we do an act for others. However, whenever we do something for ourselves, we are labelled as greedy and selfish. Any action remotely connected to our own well-being is looked down upon. We grow up conditioned to believe that everyone else except ourselves is important.

Think about it, the aeroplane is the only place where they instruct you to first take care of your own self & then others. 

Unfortunately, the same story prevails for men & women. Men are conditioned to believe that they are the financial providers of the family and women are trained to be the nurturers of the family.

As soon as a baby learns to walk the rules of the society start to apply. Right from: “Give the toy to your little brother to aunty-uncle ko dance karke dikhao.” A child’s life is about being a source of entertainment and provision for others. This child grows up with the belief that they exist merely to be of value to others.

It is no surprise that individuals put themselves last and everyone else before them.  


Given that most human beings give more priority to work, family and others than to themselves, I wish to ask a very pertinent question through this post:

Have you ever thought about what happens to your family if you fall ill? 


Think about it, the family that you nurtured into thinking that they are entitled to receive love and care from you – watches you slowly deteriorate. Your child looks at his mother and exclaims:

“Mumma is old now, she cannot run.”


“Papa, let it be, you have aged now, don’t bother to dance like us youngsters.”

Worse still, what if you fall ill because of the years of neglect – how will the very same family that is crippled with your over-powering care cope and take care of you? All you will get is loads of sympathy in the beginning and then detest and hate later on.

It’s true, no one likes to nurture and care for the nurturer – it’s simply a waste of time. Don’t be surprised if you find your children and loved ones even blaming you for neglecting yourself.

Remember: You will get respect & love ONLY if you respect & love your own self.


If you go through your life, neglecting your own body and health, everyone around you will do the same. Chin up and take care of yourself and you will see others genuinely respecting you.

Take charge of your own life. Eat well, exercise regularly & stay fit. The benefits are immense. 


If this post & my #40NotOut series hasn’t impacted you then you must know that you are writing your own suicide note and inviting a slow death for yourself.

Harsh as it may seem – it’s true. 

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant 


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