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3 Most Essential Life Lessons To Teach Your Kids Today

Read to find out why kids should learn the importance of balance, self-learning and joy, and how can parents direct them towards a better and brighter future.

In today’s era, high competition and a humongous study syllabus are putting extra pressure on kids. Some of them even show signs of depression at a very young age. This affects their physical and mental growth. A study conducted in 2017 showed that 4.1% of urban students and 3.5% of rural students suffer from depressive disorders.

How to tackle this problem? How can we make learning easier for our kids? How can we direct them towards a brighter future? Here are three life lessons to teach your kids today so that they can build a better tomorrow.


The majority of a kid’s time is devoted to studies. They face pressure at school as well to score well. Hence, it is important to teach them about finding the right balance between work and entertainment.

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When children spend some time on their hobbies, they feel rejuvenated and joyful, which reduces stress. It helps them explore new things apart from studies. A well-balanced lifestyle also teaches kids the value of time management at a younger age and keeps them focused.


It is an important habit that every kid should learn from a young age. This is especially crucial in the present times of YouTube and online academies like Yellow Class, offering a wide range of learning opportunities such as online game-based learning, extracurricular activities, and free online hobby classes for kids. Self-learning boosts confidence, keeps kids active and develops a go-getter mindset from the early years.

This also helps them find their field of interest. It gives them a sense of independence and advances their problem-solving as well as decision-making capabilities. Self-learning equips your kid for future challenges and teaches them adaptability.

Yellow Class is working towards teaching children the art of self-learning by providing them their “me time” to try new things and explore thrilling activities on their own with a little guidance from world-class mentors.

Joy and Enthusiasm

A happier and healthier lifestyle is equally vital for a kid’s emotional, mental and physical growth. With so much negativity and stress around, they need to learn about how to stay positive and let go of the negative thoughts. You can infuse optimism and joy in your kid through activities like dancing, singing, colouring, etc. Childhood is also an apt time for trying new things since kids at this age don’t have responsibilities and their brain is at a developmental stage.

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Kids involved in extracurricular activities online or offline are more active and have higher self-esteem. They tend to express themselves more effectively and confidently in front of others. It also improves their performance in studies.

A research submitted to the National University of Science and Technology in 2018 on “Effect of Extracurricular Activities on Students” concluded that students who participate in sports, music, art, or any other club even perform better academically.

Yellow class is a platform that provides free online hobbies classes for kids of 5-12 years of age. Many other activities like yoga, Bollywood dance masti, general knowledge, quizzes, logical reasoning, etc., are also available to make learning fun for them.

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