Healthy Eating is the key to faster weight loss and a healthier life

#40NotOut | Healthy Eating is the key to faster weight loss and a healthier life| #BlogchatterA2Z

Healthy Eating is the key to faster weight loss and a healthier life

People often compliment me for my health transformation and ask me:

What exactly do you eat?

What do you mean when you say you eat healthily?

Before you scroll down and read the tips, I urge you to recognize that no diet can work in isolation and nor can exercise. Both need to move hand in hand. Please don’t expect your health to magically transform if you are going to just depend on eating healthy. You must invest time and effort in a proper exercise regime. Take the advice of a health expert who will guide you on this journey.

How to be healthy after 40

I often say: Health transformation is a journey of 3.3 inches (your tongue) and 1.5 kgs (your brain). If you are able to control your taste buds & train your mind, you will remain healthy.   

I am 43 years old, working mother with two lovely kids. I juggle between my family, profession, social life and fitness. I don’t have a cook or a 24-hour maid for help and we live in a nuclear family in the busy city of Mumbai.

health transformation 2019
My health transformation took away my excess weight, water retention, tiredness and PCOD.

So, how did I manage to lose 25 kgs in two years? Well through the #BlogchatterA2Z series, I am sharing secrets to my health transformation. Staytuned for all the 26 posts in the series. 

Those who have been following DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter will know that a large part of my health transformation journey is due to the aerobics & endurance training by Fitness Expert, Avinash Khedekar.

Here are 7 diet modifications for assured weight loss given by Avinash Sir.

  • Increase your fruit and vegetable intake
  • Say YES to fibre and proteins
  • Eat only 3/4th portion of your food – leave your tummy a bit empty
  • Chew your food properly
  • Eat smaller portions at regular intervals
  • Replace white sugar with jaggery
  • Never skip breakfast

7 Diet Modifications for assured weight loss

My secret:

I followed the tips by Avinash Sir and also followed a few more. These diet modifications that helped me transform my health and placed me on the path to fitness.

Diet modifications that helped me lose 25 kgs

Are you at a total loss with your efforts to lose weight at getting healthy?

I really hope my post and the #BlogchatterA2Z series on my blogzine inspires you. 

Do write in your queries, suggestions and comments. Would love to read and respond. 

Penned by

Mayura Amarkant 


Dear Reader: You must know that I am not a healthcare expert and nor am I posing to be one through this series. I am sharing my personal experiences and journey. I urge you to speak to your healthcare professional before trying anything in this series.


  1. Inspiring journey, Mayura!
    I’m struggling with reducing my sugar intake.
    I love lassi & milkshake – they won’t be the same without sugar 🙂


  2. Your journey is impressive. Stay healthy. I am glad that you have just shared your journey and given a disclaimer implying that all bodies are different and there cannot be any universal formula for diet loss

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am often having to eat out from restaurants, and I am at a loss about what is healthy and what isn’t in a restaurant. Those 7 tips seem manageable, however. Thankyou for them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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