#FunnyPost: 6 hilarious reactions to the taunts every working mother faces

Being a WOMAN is  tough…

Being a MARRIED WORKING WOMAN in man’s world is a twice as tough


Being a WORKING MOTHER in a world dominated by HOME-MAKERS is a TRIPLE WHAMMY!!


As a working mother, my situation is so annoying that it’s actually hilarious. At first, I used to get upset, but now I realise that there is another way to handle this. 

My life & everything I do is always watched by ‘well-meaning’ people around me.

Here are 6 taunts that I get to hear & my reactions to them…

Taunt 1: You are so lucky. Your husband is so supportive.

My reaction: I referred to a book called ‘How to catch a husband’, it has all the tips, tricks. 

Taunt 2: You leave early in the morning. What do you know about managing a home?

My reaction: Hmmn, did you have a bad fall when you were a child?

Taunt 3: Your husband is such a nice man, he listens to everything you say. 

My reaction: Oh! Have you seen him dance to my tunes? Here’s a sneak peek into my daily life:

Taunt 4: Your daughter is Papa’s girl. It’s natural because the mother is always busy.

My reaction: I sneezed and she was born…Shh…you know the secret now…don’t tell anyone how easy my childbirth process was. 

Taunt 5: How do you manage to balance home & work, Kids need a mother more than anyone else.

My reaction: You are right, I am a bad mother (sighs & dies)

Taunt 6: During weekends you must be realising what an ordeal stay-at-home-mums face.

My reaction: Yes, my mother taught me NOTHING about being a good wife or mother. Here’s how YOU THINK my weekend looks:

WRONG! haha! Gotcha! Here’s how my weekend actually looks:

Bonus Taunt! (This one is my FAVOURITE): Your social media totally rocks! Being you must be so wonderful!

My reaction: Hmm…glad to be of service. You can deposit the entertainment fee in my bank account, please. 

If you are a homemaker & reading this post, do tell me your side of the story.

If you are a working mother, do share the taunts you get to hear.

If you are a man, then go ahead and tell me about your ordeals – maybe it will make for another post. 

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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