“I have been watching you….” | Women’s Day Poem

"I have been watching you...." Yes...I have... I observed how you make a million sacrifices that go unnoticed... I have noticed how you ensure your family gets more than the care they deserve...

What can help me create better positive thinking? #AskRoshani

#AskRoshani: I try hard to be positive, but my mind constantly thinks of negative things and I witness the negative outcomes manifesting in life. I am worrying most of the time without a reason. Why does this happen? And what can help me create better positive thinking? 

How to boost your child’s Immunity & Creativity | PediaSure #UnboxGrowth

This post deals with a topic really close to my heart: how to ensure your child’s mental and physical growth is being taken care of? DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter discovered the unique DIY activity box by PediaSure. Nutrition along with nourishment for the right brain.

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