9 reasons why children should learn to play Chess

Parents often question: Why should children learn chess? What are the benefits of learning chess for children? What does chess teach a child? What is a good age to learn chess? Here are 9 benefits of making your child learn to play chess. We hope that we answer your questions through each of the points enlisted in this blog post.

The King Makes His Move | Dr Parinay Fuke | World Youth Chess Championship 2019

It is a great moment of pride for every Indian! For the 1st time, India will be hosting the prestigious World Youth Chess Championship 2019.  Organised under the aegis of the All-India Chess Federation by the All Marathi Chess Association, a total of over 65 chess playing nations and 700+ players will be competing for 6 World Youth Championship Crowns.  DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter got a rare opportunity for an exclusive interview with the Honourable Minister, Dr. Parinay Fuke who heads the All Marathi Chess Association - the main organising body of the World Youth Chess Championship. In addition to leading AMCA, Dr. Fuke is also Minister of Maharashtra State for PWD, Forest & Tribal Development. Through his extremely busy schedule, he always finds time to promote chess & related activities. Read on to know more...

Who says Jainism cannot be practised in Modern Life | Diksha Shah | Varshitap

On one hand, she is a devoted daughter-in-law, loving wife & doting mother of two wonderful kids. On the other hand, she is a well-read, well-educated, former head of a call centre, committed sportsperson, a modern woman and the life of any party. But there is a 3rd angle to her personality: she is deeply spiritual. On a rainy day in Mumbai, I had a chance to meet Diksha over a cup of coffee. The next one and a half hour, I was introduced to Jainism in a way I have never experienced before. Read on to know more...

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