#40NotOut |Fortify yourself before you begin your health transformation | #BlogchatterA2Z

In this post, I will be talking to you about how to fortify yourself before you begin your health transformation. Warning: Stay & read on only if you are interested in making a positive change to your life. Else, now is a time to shut this blog, pick up a burger and laze while you play with your phone.

23-year-old Good Samaritan | Story of Siddhesh Ghuge – An Unsung Hero | Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Doorstep Delivery during COVID-19 Lockdown

The Corona Virus pandemic forced the Prime Minister of India to announce a total lock down across the country. 23 year old Engineer, Siddhesh Ghuge saw a noble business opportunity where he could act as a bridge between farmers and citizens. That's how the idea of Ghuge Farms was born. Read on to learn about a fledgling company whose backend and logistics were set up in 48 hours. Today this company supplies fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the farms to most of North Mumbai, Dombivli and Palava city. A blessing for Mumbai during the lock down!

#40NotOut | Evaluate facts about weight loss diets. What worked for me?|#BlogchatterA2Z

If you are totally motivated to walk the path of health transformation but are still confused about weight loss diet vs healthy eating habits this post is for you. 

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