5 ways you can adopt a pro-active approach towards health and wellness

Most of you have been with me during my health transformation journey. I lost over 23 kgs in 2 years and got back a healthy body. However, due to the current situation, I skipped exercising out of boredom and also cheated extensively on my healthy diet.

Even though I read a lot about taking vitamins, and my friends were talking about the importance of consuming multi-vitamins with proteins and minerals as one of the ways of boosting immunity, I lost the zeal to get back to my healthy lifestyle.

My job involves sitting at the laptop for long hours and it made me more tired than ever before. I started getting backaches; I found it troublesome to get out of my bed in the morning and that’s when I realised, zeal or no zeal, I needed to go back to my active lifestyle, eating healthy, and taking multivitamins and supplements as and when my body needs them.

It was tough, but I pushed myself. Now, I am back to my routine and I am sharing 5 ways you can adopt a pro-active approach towards health and wellness.

  • Understand the need to get healthy

We live in a nuclear family home. Though my children and husband are independent and can cook, clean etc on their own, if I am lazying around then they feel lost as well. I realised that I needed to get healthy for the sake of my children.

  • Do things differently, if you want to see a change

Late nights, irregular eating habits, binge eating had become my new habits.  I would stop my office work at around 8 pm and then watch a web series till 11 pm. Then have dinner and continue watching the web series till about 6 am. At 4 am, I would get hungry and eat whatever I could get my hands on.

This had to stop. With a lot of effort, I put my life back on track.

  • Start exercising but don’t overdo it

After months of tossing around, I went back to my previous exercise routine – Aerobics + Yoga + Cycling. Guess what? I didn’t last beyond a day. I realised that my body was not the same as earlier and thus it needed special care–a new routine. I started again, slow and steady. Taking it one day at a time. 

  • Eat healthy for your and your family’s sake

Being mindful of what I ate took priority once I decided to get back to my health journey. I started seeing the benefits of natural products and invested in them. But you need to be patient to see the positive changes. It’s important to eat in moderation and in regular breaks so that your body gets time to digest[1]. Initially, I needed extra strength and immunity to combat my fatigue. For this, I consulted my doctor, and she recommended Limcee vitamin C chewable 500 mg tablets.

  • Sleep on time and seeing the magic

The current OTT platforms offer content that is so interesting and the temptation to binge-watch is so high! I set one-hour reminders on my phone; it helped me monitor my viewing time. At the same time, I realised that sitting for longer hours was becoming a concern. I made an effort to get up and move around. I started listening to Michael Sealey’s meditation videos, and they made me sleep like a baby. With 8 hours of sleep[1] under my belt, I was ready to take on my day!

I’m being honest, it was and is tough. Tough to get your life back on track. Tough to start moving out without fear.

Mayura Amarkant, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

And extremely challenging to adopt a pro-active approach towards health and wellness. But we have to accept these challenges and build our immunity to stay strong. Then only we can look towards a healthy life.

It’s one of the reasons I’m writing this post. To share with you all the learnings I have had in the past few months like:  healthy eating and exercising brought positive changes to my everyday routine by helping to boost and sustain my immunity and combating my fatigue. Sleeping on time made me less irritable. Meditation helped me calm my troubled mind.

However, all this happened when I realised and took an initiative to change my life for the sake of my family and my own well-being.

I hope this post helps you to take a step towards making a positive change in your life. Work towards creating a routine for yourself that not only helps you be productive at work but also have a healthy life. Give yourself loads of self-love and watch the magic unfold.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these blog contents are independent views solely of the blogger based on their personal experience, research and due diligence on the product referred. The content herein is sponsored by Abbott Healthcare Private Limited (Abbott) for product information purposes, intended for Indian residents only. It does not replace the advice of a physician, nor is a recommendation or endorsement by Abbott. Advice of a qualified physician should be sought for understanding suitability of the referred product before consuming, for diagnosis and before starting any medication, exercise and diet. Please discuss your existing medical conditions and medical history with your physician.

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[1] https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/weight-management/keep-active-eat-healthy-feel-great

[2] https://www.sleepfoundation.org/how-sleep-works/how-much-sleep-do-we-really-need#:~:text=National%20Sleep%20Foundation%20guidelines1,to%208%20hours%20per%20night.


  1. I can so relate to this. I get bored of the routine of workouts and then need to take a break. But whenever I do, I start eating at odd hours and that just breaks the entire cycle. Thanks for sharing these tips, surely helps.


  2. Nice informative post and will be helpful to lot of people who are finding it hard to remain loyal to a particular routine in these times .
    Wish you a great journey of stang healthy and fit and may you achieve what you have aimed for


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