How to be happy & fit | Health Transformation and 2020 Goals

Eradication has been the cornerstone of my health transformation journey. The first thing I did when I started is to remove all negative people from my life. Especially toxic people who projected their own insecurities on me and were always in a hurry to predict my failure. Some of these were friends and others were even family members.

Well, call me selfish but I believe anyone or anything that causes pain, sadness or depression doesn’t deserve to be part of my life.

Yes, the beginning of my health journey was the toughest part….because these people made it their mission to pull me down. They had been doing it to my career and life for many years. And continued to do so. Leaving me insecure and confused. Yes, beneath that layer of confidence was a scared little girl worried because her “friends” and “family” constantly discouraged her from taking bold steps.

I used to end up nodding my head or giving in just because I wanted to be seen as a good person in their eyes.

In 2017, a day came when my son who was just 12 at that time asked me, “Mumma, why are you a people pleaser? Don’t you see that saying yes & not protesting against toxic people is harming you?” This hit me like a 440-volt shock and I took the decision to live for myself.

Today, you all see me as a person who lost weight, I see myself as a person who overcame life’s biggest hurdle – people.

The last two years have been an exercise of removing all the negative people from my life. I have faced a lot of flak for it, have even been labelled as a selfish person….toxic people who are out of my life even call me a b#*+h.

Honestly, it has made me happier, healthier and more positive. I am a better mother, wife, friend and daughter in law today. I have lesser friends and relatives but that also means I have lesser stress and negativity that they used to pass on to me.

Friends, through this post, I urge you to take a step towards self-love. A step towards making a difference in your life first before you impact the lives of others.

I ask you today: when was the last time you did anything that made YOU happy? If the answer isn’t coming easily, then it’s time to change for the better.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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