Social Media Etiquette 2020 | Choice is yours: remain toxic or learn to express assertively

Over the past few days, I have been contemplating whether I should go off social media completely. It’s purely because of the hatred & negativity spewed online. It’s horrifying to see the level to which people stoop to prove their point. Hiding behind a phone or computer & passing mean remarks at every individual who disagrees has now become a norm.

Honestly, I am not an expert on bills and regulations so I cannot comment on the implications or intent of any governmental action. However, I do consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to relationship advice, especially since I believe in nurturing positive relationships.


Through this post, I want to convey the sheer positivity that life brings. There are and have always been reasons to worry about our future & our well-being.

We are the generation that has grown up in one of the worst phases of India & since there was no outlet called social media, we learned to express ourselves in a socially acceptable & responsible manner to a closed group of people. If there was an issue, we tackled it the way it needs to be. We didn’t go crazy pasting posters on the walls of people who disagreed with our opinions.


Social media gives us the power to write anything on anyone’s post & it’s our choice whether we want to write/comment on a post.

In days of yore, if we had an opinion to express, we would do so, but in a manner that wouldn’t hurt the sentiments of others. However, social media gives us the power to SHOUT, get PERSONAL and spew venom through posts – whether we wish to do it or not, is in our hands.


Think about it; aap bhi idhar hai, aapke online friends bhi idhar hi hai…#CAB #NRC #inflation #rape#molestation #childabuse #sloweconomy #cheatingpoliticians sab the aur rahenge par shaayad aapke dost aapke saath nahi rahenge.


In case of disputes, a good idea would be to take it offline and have a healthy discussion. I still cannot understand why people would draw swords at disagreements.

Are we a society that’s just waiting to explode at every issue? Are we okay being puppets of vested interests who are enjoying the fun from the best seats?


The choice is yours: remain toxic or learn to express assertively.

Warm hugs to you all!! 

P.S: #merrychristmas !!

Penned by: 

Mayura Amarkant

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