The LIKE trap…

What is the first thing that you would do when you achieve success?
Who are the first people to know about your accolades?

Your family and your friends? Not.

I have several family members who privately message me about their achievements and ask me not to share it on the family WhatsApp group. After this, they go ahead and post it on their Facebook profile.

Many of my friends PM me something special and specifically ask me to keep it a secret. After a day or two, I see the news on Facebook.

Why do people hesitate to share their happiness with the so-called `close` circle? Why do they feel safer on Facebook?


I guess it has a lot to do with the ridicule that we are subjected to. Under the garb of relations and goodwill, one finds that friends and family behave in a manner that is most hurtful. They don’t hesitate to make a personal remark in a WhatsApp or face to face conversation.

Popular statements like `good friends celebrate achievements but best friends will insult you` tell me that I would rather have good friends.

Popular perception says that family and friends would label any sharing of good news as `show off`.

Since time immemorial, we are asked to contain our excitement, not boast about achievements. We have thus grown to become adults who take pride in maintaining a “low profile”.


What this actually means is, posting the achievement on Facebook with the hashtag #feelinghappy or #feelingblessed. In a public forum like Facebook, friends and family have no option but to write something good. Also, the competitive spirit of commenting something better than another family member takes over. As a result, Facebook has become Utopia, where everyone is positive and nice to each other.

What are your views about this false world? Do you also have relatives or friends who are publicly appreciative but privately critical? Do share your thoughts with me. I would love to read them.

– Penned by Mayura Amarkant

(I have taken the October Ultimate Blogging challenge through #DailyChattter and BlogChatter)




  1. We all love to “showoff” on social media to put ourselves out there (Moi is guilty of it too) and trying to outdo the other person’s social activities. YUp we have become social media addicts more than real people sharing real conversations!!!!

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  2. Social media is the heavily curated little front that we put out to the world.

    For some, friends and family would see through the fakeness very quickly. Hence, they keep both apart.

    Thanks for sharing.


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  3. Its so true… sharing pics and comments can have dual meanings with friends and family sometimes.. wish we could say what we felt at heart. and in heart just feel good for everyone


  4. Rings true for me too. I especially like using hashtags in facebook such as #blessed or #happy and I am tempted to use them in real conversations too just to avoid criticisms coming so upfront!


  5. Mayura is back.Missed ypu in my inbox.Bang on as usual.I try to do what I want to do and try hard to appreciate God’s blessing and just be happy.

    Waiting for everyone to truly appreciate you is never really gonna happen.Specially if you are happier,prettier,richer (all or anyone) than others.
    And if you are not then you will be tsk tsked .Fake sympathy.

    Friends are always kind.

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