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Book Review: ‘Just Another Day’ by Piyusha Vir

With this book, I have been introduced to the world of e-books and the ease and convenience that they come with. This one is a brisk read that leaves you with a gnawing feeling at the end of each story. JUST ANOTHER DAY by PIYUSHA VIR is a collection of 3 short stories set in today’s world. Each one having a different flavour and a twist at the end that twangs your heart and spurs a flood of thoughts in your mind.

The writing is contemporary and easy to understand for the millennial. The best part about Piyusha’s writing is that she ensures that the line of thought changes every few sentences and thus keeps the reader engaged. Despite not having descriptive passages in the stories, her play of words allows the reader to be transformed in the exact setting where the author wants us to be.

Book of 3 contemporary stories

Here is a brief dekho into the stories:

Writer’s Circle

An author dies a mysterious death moments before a Writer’s Meet. All writers who are present there come under the police scanner. Can you guess the killer?

Happy Birthday Saisha

A newly engaged couple is driving home for a grand celebration to earmark her birthday and their engagement. They decide to take the road less taken. Will they make it?

Elevator Tales

A beautiful girl, ready for marriage encounters the man of her dreams in the elevator at her grandma’s home. She is swooned by his good looks and takes fantasy trips regularly. Will they hook up?

I LOVED the fact that none of the stories come

under a particular “GENRE”.

They are what they are meant to be:


– meant to entertain and leave the reader with a thought.

Common thread is that each of the protagonist speaks to themselves, the story is told through a train of thoughts. That is what makes this read so special. Just like our thoughts at times focus on one thing but at the same time, other thoughts keep competing, so also, the protagonist’s fleeting thoughts keep the reader engaged the entire time.

Piyusha Vir Author
The ever-smiling and super talented writer, Piyusha Vir.

The writing is as contemporary as it could get. Wonderful play of words and a feeling that the characters are directly talking to you. In a unique way, one connects with the characters despite some of them being very different from what one really is.

Some examples of brilliant, visual writing:


Oh, Manish! What a hunk he was. I bet he craved to take me in his arms now. I should encourage him, no? Send him signals that I was interested too. After all, I was a smart progressive woman just like all of my heroines. I winked at him and gave him a sultry smile. He was so embarassed, the poor soul. (Writer’s Circle)

Isn’t it pretty, the house? Did you see the helipads while coming in? Papaji often used to land his helicopter there when he was visiting us. My favorite spot is the garden where we’ve hosted many lavish parties. (Writer’s Circle)

Sooraj had been keen on buying balloons but who would have blown them up? Instead, we opted for a colourful bunch of helium-filled balloons from a street vendor. (Happy Birthday Saisha)

He enjoyed the leisurely peaceful drive, he said. It was our favourite part of the drive – soft music playing on the car’s stereo, trees lining both sides of the road, and us cruising along in a blissful existence. The only disadvantage was there were no streetlights on this road. (Happy Birthday Saisha)

My heart erupts in flames of jealousy. I mentally douse my burning heart with buckets of ice cold water, thanking my stars that it is still the middle of June or else my heart would have probably died of the chill. (Elevator Tales)

My heart melts at his chivalry, and I imagine myself stepping aside gracefully as he glides past. But since reality is quite different, and I have put down the many grocery bags, I gather them all up and attempt to move them to the side. I almost topple over and the lift doors start to close again. I jam my foot and that’s when I lose the battle against toppling over. (Elevator Tales)

Published by Readomania, the book is
prized at a humble Rs. 49.

It gives the reader complete, edge of the seat entertainment.

You can buy the book here: http://amzn.in/hOIaKxf

Here is a link to Piyusha’s Blog – www.wanderingsoulwriter.com

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

Disclaimer: Piyusha Vir is a dear friend. I have NOT taken any monetary compensation or any favour from her to write this review. She sent me the book buying link, I read the stories, loved them and thus wrote this review.

“This post is written as a part of the #AlexaTheIncredible campaign hosted by #womenbloggerwb”

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  1. I have read and reviewed this book too, its an interesting read and my favorite is Elevator tales. I love your reviewing style, Mayura. Its quite different and unique. Good to connect with you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have read this one too. I loved elevator tales the most. The best part was the details discussion on the all stories I had with Piyusha afterward. Did you do it?


  3. This book is on my TBR since revealed. This week m surely reading it. Since I’ve met Piyusha online I have wanted to read her work. Thanks for the review, Mayura. I didn’t read the excerpts from the stories, as want to keep every word unread until I pick the book.

    Liked by 1 person

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