Gloria’s Quest for Peace: Short Story

She mindlessly spat out the piece of nail that she had been chewing for the past 5 minutes. It flew across the room and landed on the shiny glass table near the sofa. On a normal day she would have hurriedly picked it up before a mother shouted at her. But today, nothing mattered to this 18 year old.

Mommies World: Where NO WOMAN IS INSULTED…

SHALU VARADKAR decided to start a group of her own. Her vision: provide a forum for free expression where NO WOMAN IS INSULTED.

From one dreamer to another…about dream catchers and relationships…

Just when I thought that a Dream Catcher would never be part of my checklist, the Universe sent me a gift from @priyankasurve. Read on to know how the Universe loves us and conspires to make our dreams come true.

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