EAST restaurant at Sahara Star

Restaurant Review: E.A.S.T. @ Sahara Star

As a middle-class person from the urban poor category, we decided to celebrate a special day by making a trip to a 5 star hotel. There is something about 5 star hotels that makes one swoon. The palatial property, huge entrance lobby, welcoming aromas, each play a role in making one feel rich and privileged. So, off we went to Sahara Star, one of the best 5 stars in Mumbai.

As soon as you enter the reception lobby, you will be greeted to the aroma of fresh Jasmine. The squeaky clean interiors and impeccable design is overwhelming. We passed a HUGE glass cupboard full of trophies that were won by this place.

We moved down to the Earth Plate thinking we would opt for their lovely buffet. However, we were disappointed when we were told that the buffet closed at 12 am. We had reached at 11 pm and knew that we wouldn’t be able to do justice to it. (such is middle class thinking 🙂 )

But, our stomachs were growling. We opted for ala carte at the E.A.S.T.

EAST restaurant at Sahara Star
E.A.S.T.: East Asian Spice Trail
Asian Cuisine at Sahara Star
Description of the meaning of E.A.S.T.

We were served by the ever smiling and helpful Isaac who helped us choose the menu wisely. He asked us the right questions to gauge our palette and advised us accordingly.

Entrance to EAST
Entrance to the restaurant
EAST Seating arrangement at Sahara Star
We sat outside – extremely comfortable.

Now, ala carte always causes palpitations for people like us. Small portions costing loads of money. But then, how could we not order Sushi while we were at an Asian restaurant? And Lemon Coriander soup is a must order on the list!! Guess what? We were in for a surprise!

The portions were large and could be shared by 3 people at one time. Such a happy feeling :). And yes, the food was YUMMY.

The plates are very interestingly designed.

Honey peanuts
Unlimited supply of honey peanuts topped with sesame seeds

Hmmn…what did we order?

We ordered SAKE Sushi. Never had such AMAZING salmon sushi in my life. Totally YUMMY, perfectly made :). My palette, stomach and soul achieved Nirvana!

Sake Sushi
Best Sushi that I have ever had 🙂

One of us was in a mood for beer and thus ordered freshly brewed Hoegaarden draft beer. Since I wanted to have soup, ordering beer wasn’t on my list. I tasted the beer and instantly regretted not ordering one.

Hoegaarden Beer
Amazing taste, chilled just right. Not too strong and not too mild either.

The Lemon Coriander soup was yummy. My friend and I shared the soup as it was a lot for one person. We polished it off in no time.

Lemon Coriander soup
Lemon Coriander Soup: Wholesome, filling and YUMMILICIOUS.

We were quite full by now and were looking at ordering a dish that would satisfy our hunger. At the same time, we were thinking: “Bhai Ala Carte hai, portion kitna hoga?”

Isaac came to the rescue! He advised us to order for a rice and a gravy. So we opted for the Vegetable Garlic Fried Rice and Kung Pao Chicken. The portions that came in were enough to feed four people who had already had starters.

The Kung Pao Chicken contained boneless, succulent pieces of meat that had absorbed all the flavors of basil. After we finished our rice, we gorged on the remaining pieces too. The rice was mildly flavored, cooked to finish and perfect.

Rice and Chicken Grave
The perfectly cooked chicken & rice were a delight!


We paid Rs. 5970 for all this (approx 1000 were taxes). It comes to about 1500 per person. – not bad considering the fun, comfort, ambience, fantastic service and TASTY food. Overall a great deal! It made our day special.

Penned by 

Mayura Amarkant

“This post is written as a part of the #AlexaTheIncredible campaign hosted by #womenbloggerwb”

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  1. I love the ambience of Sahara Star. Outside look may sometimes be deceptive but inside its one of a experience. Your ala carte experience is so much on everyone mind but your experience will be helpful for so many of us to explore the place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I achieved food nirvana reading this post, Mayura! Quite a fun way to write a review, really. The food was well-priced for 5 star standards and the soup looks great (baaki, I’m vegetarian. 😉 )
    Tch tch. The middle-class me totally gets the ala carte scene though. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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