7 ways to help your pre-schooler combat unsafe situations (read abuse & rape)

We live in an unsafe world. Rape is a genderless issue. It can happen to a boy or a girl. Rape and abuse can be committed by a man or woman. The challenge is to bring up a confident and assertive child despite the dangers lurking around.

7 ways to destroy your child’s creativity and imagination

Every bit of sarcasm is intentional in this post.  Feel free to add more points to the list. I would love to read what you think. 

Short Story: Her first kiss…

Sharing her first kiss with her first crush was like realizing a cherished dream. Was her first kiss the way she fantasized it? Read on...

When I was 13, my grandma wanted to marry me off | Anupma Singh

Today Anupma Singh's name is etched in stone at the same school that ridiculed her for not knowing English.

How to prepare your child for puberty?

My son is a pre-teen. He is curious about the birds, bees & everything that is happening to him. Read on to know is how we are coping.

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