Anupma Singh

When I was 13, my grandma wanted to marry me off | Anupma Singh

When I first met Anupma Singh, I was touched by the sheer positivity that she exudes. This vivacious girl is a bundle of energy that can light up a room. The fact that she is clean-hearted reflects in her actions and words very clearly.
Whoever says that one needs to ‘compromise’ to make it big in the Mumbai entertainment scene, must meet Anupma. Here is a girl who arrived in Mumbai from a small town, and, made it big by following the right steps.

Meet Emcee, Actor, Anchor Anupma Singh a hot favorite amongst the youth. She holds the merit of being the highest followed anchor on Liv #Fame.

Anupma Singh
Anupma Singh

Here is more from the interview.

From a small town in the North to Amchi Mumbai, India’s entertainment capital. How has the journey been?
I hail from a family whose economic condition wasn’t something to boast about. Family feuds amongst my relatives and dad ensured that we remained economically lower. My childhood was thus difficult. My dad’s priority was his family and he ensured he kept us happy within his own means.  My grandmother wanted me to get married when I was in the 8th grade. My mom was always under stress and would naturally fly off the handle at the smallest issue. I suffered as a child and yearned positive strokes from my family.

My gosh, that sounds like an extremely tough life…
Yes, it was. To top all this, my family didn’t know English and being admitted to an English medium school was a nightmare.

No knowledge of the English Language
No impressive clothes to wear
A discouraging environment
Stressed out parents and quarrelling relatives
Life was all about humiliation.


Today my name is etched in stone at the same school that ridiculed me for not knowing English.

At one occasion, I was made to stand out of my class in the rain, just because I couldn’t answer in the English Language. I failed my exams and my report card was thrown out of the window. The school didn’t want me to be part of the school anymore. This is the very same school where my name is now etched in stone as an alumnus who is an achiever in her field.

I received no love from my relatives. In fact, my aunts and uncles believed that I was of questionable character because I was studying in the English medium.

I grew up with a very rude and strict father who blamed himself for not providing for our needs. Since the beginning, we lived in a one-room studio apartment. Diwali was the only time of the year when we got clothes.

Well, I can go on and on about my childhood.


At school, life was full of humiliation. I was the Ugly Duckling always persecuted. (Sitting, 2nd from right)

How did you motivate yourself to steer away from negativity?
I was really good at dancing, athletics, and sports. Achievements in these areas helped me earn so positive moments in my life. I trained myself to take a neutral stance on the happenings and view everything from a 3rd party point of view. I read a lot of books and my motivation always stemmed from within. I learned how to focus on what shouldn’t be done or repeated.

Tell me about an incident that proved to be a turning point in your life?
There was a time when we had no place to live. My relatives arranged for a house which was so downtrodden that they didn’t even want to step there. I promised myself that I will change everything about my life. I strongly believed that I didn’t need to be there just because someone else wanted to rule my family’s life.

Why did you choose entertainment as a profession?
I come from a background where women’s opinion never mattered. Thus, I decided to be in a position where I can influence people. I wanted to be in a place where I could motivate and inspire people who needed help. Today, I am in a place where my words matter the most to my fans and followers.

This apart, since childhood, I always felt that my Karma Bhoomi will be the entertainment industry.

Just like anyone else, there must have been ups and downs in your life, what were they? Apart from all that I mentioned above, my wishes were always crushed because of lack of money. My dad nursed depression due to the demise of his younger brother and family betrayal, left his job, leaving us financially weak. The onus of taking care of my family was pushed on my shoulders at a very early age. When I came to Mumbai, I was economically weak. In a huge city like Mumbai, being penniless is a curse but having no friends or contact is the biggest misfortune.

 That must have been very discouraging. How did you emerge out of it?
I overcame every hurdle by believing in myself, listening to my intuitions. My gut feeling told me that there was something worth all this pain. A tiny voice told me that my life had a purpose that was defined by the Almighty. Each time I was undergoing an issue, I fought back by telling myself that I was strong enough to handle this.

What kept you going through all the low phases of your life?
I kept telling myself that the power to change my life lay with me. When I look back, my story must inspire all those girls who will look up to me. Today, I can gladly say, that because of me, many girls in my village have been allowed to move out and pursue a career of their dreams. Giving up was always an easy option.

Tell me something the multiple roles that you play
I am two people rolled into one. Lol…In my professional life, I am always on the go. Vivacious, bubbly and passionate. In my personal life, I am a lazy daisy.
Through these years, I have developed a better rapport with my parents and I am my dad’s biggest strength. I run the household and take a call on all important matters. To my younger brother and sister, I am a best friend and mentor.
I choose my friends with a lot of care and can do anything for my friends. Friends spice up my life with fun and frolic.

 What are the struggles of living alone?
Well, I don’t own luxuries of a cook, housekeeper or caretaker. I live by myself so I need to fend for myself right from the start of the day till the very end. In my field, the stress is mental more than physical. The pressure to be on your toes and engage audiences constantly is overwhelming but fun.

Which is the best time of the day? What do you do at that time?
As a result of my lifestyle, the only ‘me’ time that I get is late at night. I enjoy the silence and soak in the peace. I read books or watch movies while sipping my chai.

Do you believe in God? What is your relationship with God?
I believe that there is one universal power that watches over all of us. I know that I share a connection with the power and I am in sync, I can access it.

Who is your role model? What qualities of your role model did you apply in your real life?
Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Sushmita Sen, and the amazing Rekhaji are prominent amongst my role models. I love the way they speak and live their life by breaking societal barriers. Despite their life choices, they remain dignified and loved. I have adapted several qualities from them like:

“Live life with passion
Fight for what you believe in
Always be real, be yourself
Life is gift
Improve yourself every day
Always have something to offer others” , Anupma Singh

Whom do you turn to in times of adversities? Has it helped? How?
I spend time in silence. Appeal to my conscience. Take a break and ask for help. It works like magic, each time.

 What is your mantra of life?
Life is beautiful. Live it. To accomplish anything in the world, all you need is faith.

– As told to Mayura Amarkant

About Anupama Singh:
This wonderful girl topped her Masters in Mass Communication and works with Vividh Bharti as a Radio Announcer. At present, she is a Love Guru and Celebrity Interviewer with India’s no. 1 Live Entertainment App – #Fame. Her show, Superstars on Anupma’s Love show clocks the highest views each time. She also possesses the largest number of followers on #Fame.

She has essayed prominent roles in shows like Savdhaan India, Kismat Connection, Bhanwar, Code Red and Adaalat. Apart from acting, she is in love with the stage where she works as an emcee. Her magical voice and persona have lent life to many events for brands like (Ferrero Rocher, Flair pen, India Fashion Forum, Siyaram’s , Canon and much more). She has also anchored live events and concerts for Kailash Kher, Mohit Chauhan, Runa Laila, Manoj Tiwari and others.

Follow her:

Instagram: theanupma

Twitter: anupmasingh2015



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  1. Anupma Singh is a courageous and brave lady who weathered storms. She showed that one can survive in amchi Mumbai without Godfather and despite the odds stacked against her. Thanks Mayura for sharing her story with the world.

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  2. As the Universe formed from nothing and create Beautiful Life, I Believe The One Who Achieve Some Great Rewards when He/She was Nothing its Feelings are more Awesome.

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