Mothers Day Special Message

Mothers, gift yourself these promises! | Mother’s Day special by Joyleen Nair

Another year has passed and yet another day has arrived to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Sounds perfect right?
A day to honor mothers around the world and their various contributions to their families and the society at large. So deserving to say the least.
We are reminded how special and valued we are.
We are reminded that nothing is impossible for us.
We are reminded that the power of ONE is for real.

As real as it may get, I am also reminded that reality isn’t the same for all mothers. While the world unfolds the memories of the mothers we turned out to be, let’s also take this opportunity to make note of some promises we need to remind ourselves on this day. So I ask; have you made these promises to yourself yet, moms?

Just BEING a mom:

While we navigate from being a wife to a mother, things don’t always turn out to be the way we imagined (most times). The arrival of a child in our lives is a 360-degree turn – literally. We invest our entire self into being the mom for our children. We end up in tears knowing sometimes you are alone in all of this.

Special Message Mothers Day

Today make a promise to yourself that you will start with just being a mom. The one who nurtures, cares and ensures that the day ends when you need it to end. 

A promise to keep it real!

Define your PERFECT:  

Mothers all over the world set themselves this goal to make everything look and feel perfect. But we forget as we move on in life, the perfect also experience a shift.

Special Message Mothers Day 2018

The goal-post keeps changing, the situation will never be the same. We move from one reality to another.

We leave one reality for another.

Promise yourself to search your perfect and not what the community designs or desires.

Define your perfect, when the perfect is perfect enough for you.

WhataApp Special Message Mothers Day

Let not your idea of ‘perfect’ overpower you but

power you to go beyond the obvious.

There are SECOND chances:  

Being a mother is tough and it gets so demanding at times, that we end up hating ourselves.

The buck always stops at us, because being a mom is not only a role but responsibility. A responsibility which begins in the womb and continues till eternity.

This journey sees many failures, downfalls, giving up and weaknesses.

Special Message Mothers Day Best quotes

Take a step back and promise yourself that there is room for a second chance,

there exists a probability to make new memories.

Give yourself a new morning each time you feel the previous day has been dismal for you. 

You are not INDISPENSABLE:   

We are expected to be there at the beck and call of our family. Afterall the woman of the house shapes the people in the family. She supposedly turns the house into a home. She makes or breaks the family.

Best Message for Mothers Day

Well, let’s break the bubble and realize that sometimes you can’t do it all,

you can’t be there at all times.

You can go wrong and you aren’t indispensable and you aren’t supposed to know it all. The expectations will always be there, but what is humanly possible is what works.

Mother’s day is a beautiful expression and should be celebrated with all sincerity.

Special emotional Message Mothers Day

There is no exact formula, shape, size or guidelines to being THE

IDEAL mother! We come with no road-map and we come with all

our senses unblocked to grab every opportunity. 

Special Message Mothers Day 2018 best quote

Making these promises is being fully aware that at the end of the day there exist other gears than just the TOP gear and yes let’s not forget the reverse gear! So Mommies make it count!

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B Com graduate, Joyleen-John Nair, spent a decade with HongKong Bank (HSBC) before dedicating her life to marriage & motherhood. In recent times, she has rekindled her passion for writing. She believes that her multiple roles as mother, wife, daughter & daughter-in-law have lent newer, richer & liberating experience. She uses wordplay to weave in her experiences with her perspectives.
As a blogger & content writer, she has written for many brands like Colgate, Dove, Junior Horlicks, Johnson & Johnson among others.

Do visit her blog:

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