How to plan career for success

5 Essential Steps to Career Planning: International Career Counsellor, Isaac Rudolf Monyela

It is that time of the year when parents and students all over India are praying hard for favorable results in 10th/12th or graduation level. It is also a time for them to pause, take a step back and relook at the career direction they are planning to take. This post is useful for those whose SSC / CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / Graduation or HSC results have been declared. Anyone at any age and stage of their life, standing on the crossroads of their career, will also find this post useful.

DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter got an opportunity to speak to International Career Counsellor, Speaker, Leadership & Management Strategist,  Poet, Isaac Rudolf Monyela from Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa. 

He has won several accolades for his work and has been featured in numerous news media in South Africa.

How to plan my career
Isaac Rudolf Monyela is a Poet, Mentor, Academic and Leadership Analyst and Inspirational Speaker from Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa.

During our conversation, he told us about his journey that was full of trials and tribulations. Criticism, sabotage, betrayal – he has faced it all. However, he emerged above it so that he can pursue his purpose of positively impacting as many lives as he can.

In this exclusive interview, Mr. Monyela gives out some vital tips for career planning.

How should people go about planning their careers and education in this new-age world where everything is changing and the definitions of professions are changing?

Firstly, students need to know their potentials, passion and drive in order to plan their careers well. They should consider courses that are in demand in the present economic system and make themselves employable to attain multiple skills and knowledge. They should also identify mentors who can guide them in career planning and set goals for the corporate world, a good mentor can transform lives.  Many professions will be saturated and outdated soon, due to sheer supply and technological advancements.  Present generation and millennials must take cognizance of the evolution of technology and prepare themselves for new-age careers and re-invent themselves to overcome the challenges of current professions.

Steps to Career Planning
Career Planning advice by International Career Counsellor, Isaac Rudolf Monyela

People are constantly striving to succeed and at times confuse success with money. Is it any different for you?

Money is just an accompanying vehicle to achieve success, but not success in itself. I measure my success based on the people I have helped to achieve their respective goals and revisit their purposes and passions. My divine goal & purpose in life is to leave a legacy of everlasting integrity. This drives me constantly. I urge every reader to identify their purpose & drive and move accordingly.

Prof the Poet (Rudolf Isaac Monyela)
‘A leader is not a leader until he meets other leaders’ believes Prof the Poet (Rudolf Isaac Monyela)

More about Isaac Rudolf Monyela:

Poet, Mentor, Academic and Leadership Analyst and Inspirational Speaker, Mr. Monyela is the founder of MIA – MANYATJIE I ACADEMY. He has leadership and management experience for 12 years. This published poet has acquired various awards and recognitions in poetry, leadership & community services.

Details of his books:
2017: In Life, Success Doesn’t Come in A Vacuum: This book contains powerful poems that have transformed lives & even saved many marriages from falling apart.

2018: Your Choice Shapes Your Destiny: This book will be out soon, it features two of his mentees & their journey.

You can email him at

As told to:
Mayura Amarkant


  1. I would like to congratulate Mr Monyela once more for this diary ,this will serve as an eye opener and encouragement to youth of today.

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