Mothers, gift yourself these promises! | Mother’s Day special by Joyleen Nair

As real as it may get, I am also reminded that reality isn’t the same for all mothers. While the world unfolds the memories of the mothers we turned out to be, let’s also take this opportunity to make note of some promises we need to remind ourselves on this day. So I ask; have you made these promises to yourself yet, moms?

I sailed through my college years on Valentine’s Day: Thanks to my MOM!

Today, as a mother of a growing young boy, I have such a wonderful story to narrate to my son. I am able to guide him properly, thanks to my mom. I am my son's best friend, only and only because my mother was my best friend throughout college. My definitions of beauty, relationships & interpersonal skills come from my mother. Later, when my daughter grows up, I will be able to be her bestest friend ever - only because I had one in my mother. My mother taught me that love has different forms and languages, one needs to have a clean heart to express it selflessly - without expectations. 

How did we train my elder son to receive his sibling?

In 2010, when Abhimanyu turned 5, we told him that the Lord had decided not to send a brother or sister for him. We convinced him he was the only child that we would ever have and that all our love belonged to him only. Just 3 years later, in May 2013, we discovered that … Continue reading How did we train my elder son to receive his sibling?

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