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Women's Day Poem

90% of fires can be prevented by intelligent facility management | Saurabh Agarwal | UNIFY

A fire, accidental or otherwise, is likely to cause 12 times more deaths than injuries as per 2018 National Crime Records Data. In 2018, the Mumbai Fire Brigade recorded 3987 fire calls from March to December 2018. Illegal constructions, fire non-compliant extensions, encroachments & material blocking exits, fire hazardous goods all contribute to the risk of fire says Mumbai Fire Brigade. 90% of fires can be prevented by intelligent facility management says Saurabh Agarwal, Director, UNIFY Facility Management.

How to let go of jealousy? #AskRoshani

Whenever someone around me receives praise or achieves success, I feel an intense and overwhelming feeling of jealousy towards that person. The feeling intensifies when I see so many people leading a happy life on social media. I feel inadequate, like a loser. Please help me to get rid of these feelings of jealousy. 

Saroj’s Kitchen: #2 Secret to perfectly boiled potatoes | Cooking Tips

One of the common problems that one faces in the kitchen is, boiling potatoes to perfection. Many of our readers share that they either overcook or undercook the potatoes and some even said that the potato tears at the skin. Here are Saroj Mom's expert tips to boil potatoes perfectly:

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