The long wait…is this your story?

…During this season she loved to go for long bike rides and enjoyed challenging the winds while they threatened to throw the bike off-balance. Her laughter would resonate in the air as she opened her arms and looked up at the sky. While the wind while played with her hair she would thank God for the overwhelming feeling of being loved… Continue reading The long wait…is this your story?

Aunty mat kaho na…

I refuse to be called Aunty by any kid around me.
Several people jeer behind my back. My statements related to this topic have become the butt of jokes in my building as well. They compare me to the famous character in the yesteryear’s serial who kept chiding everyone who called her aunty. The grapevine whispers, “She thinks she is young forever”, “Aunty ko aunty nahi kahenge, toh kya kahenge”, “Jawani eternal” etc.
Are they right?
Do I really have a problem accepting my age? Continue reading Aunty mat kaho na…

How did we train my elder son to receive his sibling?

In 2010, when Abhimanyu turned 5, we told him that the Lord had decided not to send a brother or sister for him. We convinced him that he was the only child that we would ever have and that all our love belonged to him only. Just 3 years later, in May 2013, we discovered that I was almost 3 months pregnant! While we were … Continue reading How did we train my elder son to receive his sibling?

‘Dreams keep people alive’

Through the years, what struck me about Nishant is, his ‘never-say-die-attitude’ and his tenacity to overcome any storm. His resilience and approach to problem solving has inspired me at every stage of my life. Today, he stands tall as a Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Core member at Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd. I feel a sense of pride. He has transformed the lives of more than a lakh people across the country. People look up to him for guidance and feel protected under his care. Continue reading ‘Dreams keep people alive’