#FunnyPost: 6 hilarious reactions to the taunts every working mother faces

Being a WOMAN is  tough…

Being a MARRIED WORKING WOMAN in man’s world is a twice as tough


Being a WORKING MOTHER in a world dominated by HOME-MAKERS is a TRIPLE WHAMMY!!


As a working mother, my situation is so annoying that it’s actually hilarious. At first, I used to get upset, but now I realise that there is another way to handle this. 

My life & everything I do is always watched by ‘well-meaning’ people around me.

Here are 6 taunts that I get to hear & my reactions to them…

Taunt 1: You are so lucky. Your husband is so supportive.

My reaction: I referred to a book called ‘How to catch a husband’, it has all the tips, tricks. 

Taunt 2: You leave early in the morning. What do you know about managing a home?

My reaction: Hmmn, did you have a bad fall when you were a child?

Taunt 3: Your husband is such a nice man, he listens to everything you say. 

My reaction: Oh! Have you seen him dance to my tunes? Here’s a sneak peek into my daily life:

Taunt 4: Your daughter is Papa’s girl. It’s natural because the mother is always busy.

My reaction: I sneezed and she was born…Shh…you know the secret now…don’t tell anyone how easy my childbirth process was. 

Taunt 5: How do you manage to balance home & work, Kids need a mother more than anyone else.

My reaction: You are right, I am a bad mother (sighs & dies)

Taunt 6: During weekends you must be realising what an ordeal stay-at-home-mums face.

My reaction: Yes, my mother taught me NOTHING about being a good wife or mother. Here’s how YOU THINK my weekend looks:

WRONG! haha! Gotcha! Here’s how my weekend actually looks:

Bonus Taunt! (This one is my FAVOURITE): Your social media totally rocks! Being you must be so wonderful!

My reaction: Hmm…glad to be of service. You can deposit the entertainment fee in my bank account, please. 

If you are a homemaker & reading this post, do tell me your side of the story.

If you are a working mother, do share the taunts you get to hear.

If you are a man, then go ahead and tell me about your ordeals – maybe it will make for another post. 

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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  1. haha that was a good one . Maza aa gya . I often get to listen ” Tujhe kya kaam hai yaar ghar pe ….husband itna achha hai aur ek hi to beti hai teri …Mast life hai “

    1. Oh god! People just don’t stop poking their noses in other people’s business. Homemakers live a thankless life. I wrote a couple of posts on that. Here are the links:
      State and Fate of Home-makers in India: https://diaryofaninsanewriter.com/2018/09/08/state-and-fate-of-home-makers-in-india-international-literacy-day/
      Homemakers & HR managers are in the same boat: https://diaryofaninsanewriter.com/2016/10/17/homemakers-hr-managers-are-in-the-same-boat/

  2. That’s actually hilarious! And add the life of a mom who works from home. I roll my eyes so frequently at stereotypes that my eyes now can beat any GPS in giving directions! It’s a tough call, mamma, tough call..

    1. Oh yes, that one is a quadruple whammy – especially when one says: “I am working from home so I cannot come to the Puja/Munj/Kitty Party” and one gets rebuked saying: Ghar pe hi toh ho, kya kaam ho sakta hai professional level ka, ghar pe baith kar…I am like..wtf?
      Thank you for stopping by, Puspanjalee.

  3. That’s a great light-hearted post on a quite serious issue… ‘Well meaning’ people are all around us – they love commenting and showering us with advices whenever NOT required! After having my baby I was mostly a SAHM… So did not have to face those comments… However, I can well imagine the scenarios as I have seen my mother facing them!

  4. heheheh this is hilarious. There are many for working from home moms and stay at home moms as well – as if the world has no other work than taunt a woman – whoever she is!

  5. I have encountered such people many times when they try to know us better than ourselves. Over the period of time, I have learnt to ignore them.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  6. Haha! I loved it. It’s hilarious. I am glad I read it as needed some laughter therapy. Although all are apt and perfect and I am sure moms can completely relate to it but my favourite is the last one. 😉

  7. Had quite a laugh! I am a stay-at-home mom. I get my share of taunts too. “What do you do all day?” We all are doing our best as moms and dads or just adults, so such posts that highlight the hilarious side really helps.

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

  8. Been a working mom and now a SAHM. But the taunts never end. It is saddening that the mindset of people is taking so much time to change. They will change their clothes as per the newest fashion trend but they wont change their mind-set with the changing world. I liked your take on such taunts. Sometimes a remark coated in laughter is more impactful than a serious one.
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  9. You know what, I have now been on both the sides of the fence (or no, its actually 4 sides – working wife, home-maker wife, working mother, SAHM mother) And trust me when I tell, you hat people have a taunt repository for every situation. I mean it! The reactions you put up were actually hilarious, and helped me realised that I am not the only one sailing in this boat.

  10. You eased my headache!! I laughed my heart out. I left work for my baby, but when people treat me like I have never been to work, is like total crap! I have heard all this in being a stay at home mom itself. You must be totally saturated to write this post! Truly Awesome!

  11. Thankfully I never came across such comments. Not on my face atleast. And I don’t care about backtalking. Your post is quite funny. Had a good time going through it. #surreads #myfriendalexa #blogchatter

  12. All compliments for finding such amazing memes to go with the taunts. This makes me want to do a post on ‘taunts I hear as a work from home person’

  13. Loved loved your post Mayura. We all need to answer such questions in this way. I will remember in future. One question that makes me laugh out loud is like “From where do you get time to write or read, we just endup reading kids chapters”

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts
    #MyFriendAlexa #MeenalSonalReads

  14. OMG! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and it is so damn true! People can’t just mind their business and I do not know what ind of pleasure they get by sticking their nose in other’s life! Not same but i get to face many taunts for not get married yet, for quitting my job to do something i enjoy doing and the list goes on on on!

  15. I don’t remember when was the last time I enjoyed reading a post so much that I kept sharing it with my friends. Society will judge a mother, no matter what. After turning writing into a full time profession, I decided to have a small corner of our room redesigned as my working space. The best comment that I heard was “writing is a good hobby but will you make any money?Still, atleast you will be at home to take care of your son and it is a consolation for your qualifications and experience.”

  16. My mother was a working woman and my wife is a SAHM by choice. My father gave my mother carte-blanche on her decisions and she worked right up to retirement age. That rubbed off on me and I have never interfered with my wife’s decisions. She was working for quiet some time as a Maths teacher in a school and then she had a few problems about not being given enough freedom on the job. She left the job and decided to be a SAHM for good. So I have seen both my mother and my wife and I must say either way a woman’s role in family and work is rather challenging in our patriarchal society.

  17. I have been on both sides of the world so could relate. Your post was so hilarious especially the 4th point.. People have mouth will talk and we can’t do much about it. Live and let live is never a policy for most I guess.

    1. Thank you Richa…lol…glad you liked the humorous take…I had initially written a long post ranting about my irritation, deleted it and decided to spread happiness …choice is always ours…isn’t it?
      Thank you for stopping by…means a lot…

    1. Hahaha…Gunjan, do let me know what the reactions of the people were…it will be a fun conversation that you and I will have…
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving an encouraging comment…it means a lot…

  18. Absolutely hilarious! Had a good laugh with this one. I was a SAHM and then a working mom and now a SAHM again. So there…I know that you are never going to win this war, no matter what you do. So let it go. Its their ignorance, is what i say to myself.

  19. Good one, Mayura…:) work from home moms or write from home, moms too face similar taunts – “Oh, you must be free the whole day?!!” 🙂 It never ends – but good to see things on a lighter vein…

  20. Hilarious post. I can imagine the smiling face with which these taunts are delivered. As a work from home mother, I usually hear – you don’t know how it’s to step out in the outside world, you are at home so you are always available. It burns my insides, I feel like telling them off, but I can’t. 🙁

  21. Very true, the taunts never end. Almost everybody is made a target, whether you are single, marrying late, not having kids, having just one kid, having three kids! Nobody is spared. We moms are doing a great job and I generally push the IGNORE button to these taunts!

  22. Your post had me in splits. The responses were hilarious and the memes were even funnier. Taking comments from ‘well meaning’ people is a much coveted art!
    In the wise words of Vikram Seth, “God save us from people who mean well!” 😀

  23. You’ve tickled the funny bone with this one, Mayura! One way or another, people are always after us. Better to take it in the spirit we can handle and give it back in a way they’re not equipped to handle! 😛

  24. So I have a baby strapped to me in rush hour commute, no one even gives me a seat, I work out of the house for 9 hours and he goes to daycare for a little more than that. I have the bathe him everyday because of train and playground germs. By the time I am done I am exhausted. So in a way I am experiencing both worlds – the best, the worst, all of it. But I’m ok with that. It’s when people I meet say stupid things, I dont know how to react. Some examples: “Oh where is your baby?” And I’m thinking: Its 8:30pm, I am meeting a coworker for some coffee and work, should I take my sleeping baby with me?
    Or “See, your baby doesn’t like to be in the stroller. You should wear him. My wife always wore our babies.” And I’m like: I was wearing him and he wanted to sit in the stroller. But you probably know what makes my child happy. You probably dont even know what makes your wife happy. Maybe you should have carried some of your babies instead of just her doing all the hard work!

  25. Refreshing post and hilarious to the core!
    I was a working mother (of two kids) few years back and now I’m stay at home mom. I know where the shoe pinches in both the cases. One thing that underlines my experience is that its always better to laugh at the taunts and to make light of the situation.

  26. This is hilarious!! The way you have written is just amazing. And perfect use of the gifis 🙂 Yes, being a working mother I used to get negative comments. There was a time when my MIL said, ‘What to do, its our bad luck that you are working’ and just few days back, She told me ‘ I can understand how busy you are, because you are working’. I am not blessed with a 9 to 5 job so its really difficult to balance work and life. Loved your post.

  27. Ohh please please do reply to all theae taunts exactly like this. It must be entertaining to watch their face. I don’t know why others make it a point to be so snoopy.
    Absolutely enjoyed reading this.

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