#FunnyPost: 6 hilarious reactions to the taunts every working mother faces

#FunnyPost Alert! As a working mother, when someone taunted me, I used to get upset, but now I realise that there is another way to handle it. Here are 6 taunts that I get to hear and my reactions to them. You will LOVE this post if you have a good sense of humour. Rest of you, DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK...hahahahaha...:) 🙂

Celebrating Womanhood…the VIBHA SINGH way…

She is strong because she has seen many failures! She is a warrior because she has fought life battles! Vibha Singh thinks I am the woman of tomorrow, do you?

From this world to the next, a transition in waiting

Every crossroad is actually a transition that is a harbinger of better days. At some point in life, one introspects and wonders what the future holds.

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