Gorakh Sharma Karz

Remembering Gorakh Sharma – The original guitarist of the unforgettable tune from Karz

Who hasn’t heard of the legendary tune from the Subhash Ghai’s film, Karz? Well, everyone has heard it and enjoyed it thoroughly. Most people recognize the tune, some of us know that the music is given by legendary duo, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, however, very few people know the name of the person who played the tune.

What’s more, only a handful know that Gorakh Sharma ji aka ‘Kaka’ is Pyarelal ji’s real brother.

During his entire music career spanning over 40 years, he played various string instruments in more than 1000 songs and over 500 films.

He started his career as a mandolin player and at the age of 14, he played the mandolin in Chaudavin Ka Chand.

Kaka was one of the first bass guitarists in the Hindi film industry. He used to combine his mandolin playing abilities with his guitar skills and that’s what made him unique.

For many years, Kaka remained the lucky charm of the musical duo, Nadeem-Shravan and also played the legendary guitar piece of the film, Aashiqui.

I had the golden opportunity to witness the rehearsals of Pyarelal ji’s concert. And that’s when I had the good fortune of meeting Gorakh Sharma ji. He sat amongst all the musicians and quietly played. As they say, still waters run deep. There was nothing flashy about him, just another musician who went about following instructions of the conductor.

Gorakh Sharma Karz
I gushed when I met him, while he smiled silently. Nothing flashy about him, that’s the hallmark of greatness

I got goosebumps to see him perform live. And when I finally met him, I shook his hands like a crazy fan.

When you hit Google, you see several articles about Kaka and loads of videos on YouTube. However, the general public still doesn’t know about this great man. This post is a tribute to him and his legendary contribution to the Indian film industry.

One more legend joined the stars in the sky on January 26, 2018. We lost Kaka on that day.

Human beings like Kaka are rare to find. His easy-going attitude and unassuming nature belied his immense talent. May his soul find musical peace wherever he is.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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  1. Such a beautiful dedication… I had heard about Gorakh Sharma ji long time back… But completely forgot about him… Maybe because he was never in the limelight like others… Thank you for informing us about such a legend…

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  2. Ok. I wasn’t aware of this even though i loved most of the pieces you mentioned in here. Sad really how many talented people whose tunes are legendary are still not well known names to us, the listeners.


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