“Oscar winner, A R Rahman is his own competition” says Director, Suparna Chakravarty

When a close friend asks you to write about someone who is considered to be the present God of Music…What do you say?
How would you react?
Remember the saying in Hindi, “Suraj ko chirag dikhana”? Exactly what came to my mind when my very dear friend, Mayura, asked me to write on why I think AR Rahman is one of the biggest musicians of our times !!


I jumped at the opportunity, of course! Obviously! … a chance to write about a Living Legend doesn’t come often. The haunting score of ‘Bombay’, the foot-tapping groove of ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya’, the mesmerising compositions of ‘Taal’ & the sensuous arrangements of ‘Rangeela’.

Here is a film on the maestro released by PSBT early this year:

You cannot pick any one song of Rahman that says, ‘This is the best’. Each track comes with its unique texture that makes it stand apart from his own other compositions. He is the best example of being one’s own competition.
Way before this genius bagged the Academy awards, he created music that deserved to be on the top charts of World Music.

If you mention ‘Music of India’ to the Youth across the globe, and they mention ”Jai Ho’ with a smile. That’s where ARR has taken our music to :). International re-mixes of his compositions.


As a Director of Television, Non-Fiction, my team & I, discuss the content for an episode of any musical reality, we set aside a ‘Theme’ on A R Rahman’s songs !! That’s the awesomeness of his creations that his songs are not a part of the theme, instead, his compositions become a theme in itself :).

Suparna Chakravarty Global Village of Indian Music
Rahman Fan – Suparna Chakravarty, Founder – Global Village of Indian Music, Owner, Reel Talkys Motion Pictures.

What I appreciate & love most in his music is his originality. The way he keeps on experimenting with his creativity & the sound around. He has to be the best of an arranger to be able to fuse classical music with contemporary. Jazz with Carnatic; Rock with Melody; Folk with Techno. I can just go on & on & on with analysing each and every song of his.

Each composition can be a project of analysis in itself. The soulful qawwalis to the most sensuous of numbers, Rahman, is Mr Perfection when it comes to composing a masterpiece. Not to mention his awards & accolades that are bound to be received by a Living Legend as him. I have deliberately not mentioned most of his songs as I cannot stick to any ONE of his tracks as my favourites. All of them are masterpieces & all of them are brilliant creations.


Many legends have marked Indian Classical Music on the world map. Rahman represents the Indian Cinema music on the world map.

A maestro in the true sense…. This is my way of wishing the Living Legend a musical year ahead on his birthday.

— Penned by Suparna Chakravarty 

Suparna is the Founder/Director – Global Village of Indian Music & Reelz Buzz. Her maiden venture Reel Talkys Motion Pictures allows her to don the hat of a producer, researcher, networker to show director. She has worked with the best Musical shows on television including Ankatakshri, Voice of India and Chotte Ustaad on Zee with legendary director, Gajendra Singh. She has produced and directed Music shows for Star Plus, NDTV Imagine, Star Jalsa, Zee and Sony Television. She has briefly met A R Rahman during her stint with Gajendra ji. She remains inspired by Rahman’smusic. 


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Disclaimer: The content in this blog post is purely for educational purpose. There is no commercial use of the above content. The author claims no right over the videos/photos featured here.


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