How do you want to die?

This week has been emotionally stirring. Life is unpredictable. Noone, just NOONE knows what is going to happen in the next moment. The least one can do is live life to the fullest.

RJ Shubham’s last Facebook post where he says #KalHoNaHo. He died the next day.

Why is today’s post dedicated to these performers?

I learnt that apart from Shubham and Ashwini, there are 3 more people who passed away during a live performance, earlier this year.

Infact, Wikipedia has a page dedicated to entertainers who died during a performance. More than 60 blessed people form part of this list.

All of them passed away while doing what they loved doing. Their soul left their body while they were united with their passion.
It is the most blessed death one can ask for.

If I could choose, I would ask the Lord to gift me with a death like this. Simple, straight-forward and most importantly, taking place while I am doing what I love.

As you already know, I love writing. That is how I want to die – while I am writing.
What about you? How would you like to die?

—- Penned by Mayura Amarkant

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This is my Day 22 post for Ultimate Blogging Challenge  #DailyChatter through the amazing @BlogChatter community of bloggers

Image courtesy: Google Images & RJ Shubham’s Facebook page



  1. I was shocked to read about Ashwini Ekbote’s death in local news (Pune). Didn’t know about RJ Shubham though. You know, it’s painful, even if you die doing what you love. One of my favourite authors in Bangla, Suchitra Bhattacharya died last year while she was writing. While it’s a blessing that she didn’t suffer, but I still feel bad thinking about the last piece she was writing (it was published later as incomplete).
    I’d like to die in sleep, that’s the most peaceful and escapist death for me.

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      1. I am sure. You have a beautiful mind and great at heart. You put in so much efforts to bring hidden talent and stuff always… Really appreciate and admire. Your posts make me think always.. Thanks


  2. Ohh this is so sad! Dying so young. Most of this is happening because of our lifestyle choices. People sleep less and in odd hours. One of my neighbor died of cardiac arrest at 26!

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