Roma Gupta Sinha

Book Review: Magical Storytelling by Roma Gupta Sinha in her latest masterpiece, I Live To Love You

Have you ever been in love? Do the twists and turns of love’s journey leave you enchanted and intrigued? If your answer is yes, then this book is for you.

Roma Gupta Sinha’s latest masterpiece, ‘I Live To Love You’ twists the formula of a fairy tale happy ending. It takes you on a wild ride of emotions and each page leaves you wanting to move to the next.


The book revolves around Aradhya, a shy, ambitious girl who meets a charming young boy Shamit, and fall in love. The story is told from the perspective of Riya, their mutual best friend through whom they meet. When Shamit mysteriously disappears under mysterious circumstances, Aradhya’s world collapses around her as she quests for her long-lost love and her happily ever after. The book pulls on your heartstrings and leaves you shocked and never knowing what to expect.

What I liked about the book

The writing style is subtle, engaging and bone-chilling. Every character has layers to them and are written interestingly. Roma slowly revealed the truth in bits and pieces and every scene is descriptive and detailed. The narrative perspective of Riya perfectly fits the plot of the book. From bring the third wheel in a blooming romance to seeing her childhood best friend slowly descend into madness as her happiness goes for a toss is heart breaking. The book is a perfect blend of romance and thriller like you’ve never seen before. Roma makes you feel intrigued and hooks you to the book despite using simple vocabulary. She is truly a wordsmith.

Downsides of the book

The chapter titles are a bit too revealing and don’t add to the mysterious narrative of the book. I am actually nit-picking just because a review needs to have this section. The revealing chapter titles don’t tarnish the overall story-telling.

Final thoughts

Roma has woven suspense within the fabric of a romantic tale and it leaves the reader spell-bound. The narrative is gripping and entices the reader. It’s a perfect book for a rainy afternoon – the kind you can curl up and read with a cup of steaming hot coffee. Overall, a very well-written book that is a perfect romantic thriller for die-hard romance lovers.

 Verdict: 5/5

Download the book from the Blogchatter e-book library. You can thank me later :).

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

P.S: Thank you Roma for acknowledging my miniscule contribution in your great book.

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