The incomplete kiss…

'Today i will take the new Sea-link...and one day I will kiss her while driving on the sea-link'... He could picture her in a silk gown...looking as ravishing as ever, halter necks really suit slender frames like hers he thought to himself...he could see her skin glistening under the bright lights of the Sea-link...and just under the tallest part of the bridge...he could see him just about to kiss her in the moonlight...

Stages of Love: As told to my pre-teen (Valentine’s Day special)

We live in trying times. Our children are exposed to concepts and beliefs much earlier than we did. We see music videos of children romancing each other in the school premises. My son doesn't miss the popular serial that depicts love stories of school-going children. The environment at his school is no different, almost everyday, he comes home with stories of kids hooking up and then breaking up unceremoniously.  He is growing...faster than ever...and he knows...everything - EVERYTHING. I had to stay strong to my commitment of being his best friend and guide him in the right manner. Here is how I did it...

I sailed through my college years on Valentine’s Day: Thanks to my MOM!

Today, as a mother of a growing young boy, I have such a wonderful story to narrate to my son. I am able to guide him properly, thanks to my mom. I am my son's best friend, only and only because my mother was my best friend throughout college. My definitions of beauty, relationships & interpersonal skills come from my mother. Later, when my daughter grows up, I will be able to be her bestest friend ever - only because I had one in my mother. My mother taught me that love has different forms and languages, one needs to have a clean heart to express it selflessly - without expectations. 

ANGELS’ PREDICT 2017 for YOUR SUN SIGN through Roshani Shenazz

Specially channelized messages from Angels for each Sun Sign by ROSHANI SHEHNAZZ - Wholeistic Living Empowerist, Spiritual Medium and Healer

Yummiest Gifting Option!

One lazy afternoon, I suddenly felt the urge to have chocolate fudge. Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey of gooey goodness.

From this world to the next, a transition in waiting

Every crossroad is actually a transition that is a harbinger of better days. At some point in life, one introspects and wonders what the future holds.

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