Holi Special: 6 unique fusion desserts you must get your hands on! Cuppylicious by Minal Narsaria

With the second wave of COVID-19 hitting India hard, it’s going to be a thanda Holi. People will be mostly staying at home and flipping through their phones reminiscing their carefree days when Holi parties were a norm. Why should COVID stop you from experimenting with food? DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter brings to you a unique way to celebrate Holi. Read on and be delighted with these yummilicious dessert treats brought to you by entrepreneur Minal Vivek Narsaria the owner of Cuppylicious.

This Holi we bring to you 6 unique fusion desserts that will make your Holi extra special!

Along with this, we bring you an exclusive interview with the extremely inspiring, Minal Vivek Narsaria.

Home-baker and entrepreneur, Minal sprinkles every product with her love as she hygienically prepares them at her home following all COVID norms. Cuppylicious delivers across the city of Mumbai.

There is something about Minal that will instantly allow you to connect with her. She has a certain calmness in her persona that tells you, everything is going to be okay. Her million-dollar smile reaches her eyes when she greets you and you just know that you are in the right company.

My first vivid memory of Minal was when she got over 200 pure vegetarian strawberry mousse cupcakes to freely distribute among her husband Vivek’s cricketer friends and audience at the Goregaon Sports Club.

Our friends hungrily gorged on the scrumptious cakes and shamelessly licked the strawberry mousse off their fingers. She lovingly smiled as she watched the cupcakes disappear almost instantly.

This incident made me curious – can there be a person who loves her work this much?

Well, it turns out that Minal is one such person. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter decided to find out more about this mommy turned baker. We met on a pleasant evening and over idlis and chai, we spoke about her passion for baking. Here are a few excerpts of the interview:

How and when did the entrepreneurship bug bite you?

Minal (smiles): We were three sisters and while growing up, we used to make a lot of things with our own hands and take part in exhibitions. All three of us silently nurtured the dream of starting our own business someday. Years passed, we got married and went our different ways. My heart always nurtured my dreams. And when the time was right, I jumped into it full-time.

Why baking when you could have used your qualifications to start a restaurant or some other venture?

Minal (her eyes light up as she speaks): During my childhood, I used to help my cousin sister while she baked. Those were days when cakes were a luxury and watching her whip out yummy delights

Who inspired you to turn to entrepreneurship?

Minal (looks away for a few seconds, takes a deep breath, and says): Well, the cycle of life is such that one has a great childhood, fantastic college life, and then devotes her life to family and children. After the children grow up, there is a void in the life of every homemaker and I too faced this void. That’s when my US-based sister, Payal Gala counseled me and encouraged me to take up baking professionally. I planned it and started; it has been almost 8 years now and there is no looking back ever since.

How has the support from family been?

Minal (beams, there is a warm glow on her face as she softly replies): I am blessed to be married to a very loving and understanding man. My husband, Vivek has stood by me in every stage of my life. We are blessed with an extremely talented and compassionate daughter who is very proud of what her mother does. With support from them and my extended family, my venture took off after some usual hiccups that most start-ups face.

What is the best compliment that you often get for your products?

Minal (gives me a look of pride and replies happily): I am always told that my products are neither too sweet nor too creamy. You can say that I am blessed to be able to whip out products that have the right balance of taste and goodness.

Are your products vegetarian?

Minal (nods affirmatively): Yes. I am a pure vegetarian so, naturally gravitated toward making Cuppylicious a completely vegetarian brand. You will be surprised at the recipes available for vegetarian dessert options.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your business?

Minal (smiles shyly the confidence in her eyes is mesmerizing): I am happiest when I am able to understand my client’s brief and deliver delicacies that delight them. I simply meeting the expectations of those who place their trust in me. A cake or a dessert is always associated with a wonderful memory and it makes me so happy to be part of the positivity in their lives.

What are your future plans?

Minal (determination in her eyes): Each day I try to better what I did the previous day. I strive to ensure that everything that I make is sprinkled with love and perfection. I plan to continue experimenting and delighting my customers each day.

Any message to our readers especially the ladies who wish to embark on the entrepreneurship journey?

Minal (looks at me and smiles): Be patient. Don’t give up on your dreams. Plan and then pursue what you love. With family support on your side, the sky is the limit.

6 unique fusion desserts to make Holi special! Wow! Tell us more:

Minal (leans forward and continues excitedly): Well, this time, I thought of doing something different at Cuppylicious. As I told you, I love experimenting and these yummy desserts are a result of these experiments.

Rasmalai Cake

Yummilicious vanilla cream cake meets juicy Rasmalai! Garnished with lightly salted roasted pistachios, this one teases your tastebuds.

Gulab Jamun Cake

This delectable combination of vanilla cake oozing with the goodness of your favourite sweet & fresh flowers will transport you to another world.

Boondi Cream Cheese

Your beloved boondi swimming in the yummiest cream cheese! Take the first bite and allow yourself to get lost in the unbelievable taste.

Thandai Mousse

What happens when wholesome thandai meets scrumptious and fluffy mousse? To us, its Holi done well!! And yes, Minal challenges you to stop at one!

Rainbow Cupcakes

Perfectly baked, delicious rainbow cupcakes to suit the Holi mood! Bite into these mouth-watering, moist delights and feel your mood elevate instantly.

Thandai Mousse Cupcakes

When lip-smacking thandai mousse meets rich, crumbly cupcake, it’s a sure shot celebration in your mouth! Give in to the temptation, go ahead and lick the mousse first!

Readers, I must share with you, that I have personally tried each of these products and am writing this blog post after being completely convinced of the taste and quality.

I finished the interview and left with a spring in my step. It’s always amazing to meet women who practice work-life balance with panache.

Comments, suggestions and messages of love are most welcome. Please write in the comments section below!

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant


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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter. This blogpost has been written by Mayura Amarkant only after she tasted and evaluated the products. We are completely impressed and convinced of Cuppylicious and their products. However, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter takes no responsibility for the content quality, endorsements or information put out by Minal Narsariaor her associates. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter urges readers to take their buying decisions independently after doing their own due diligence


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