“Dhappa” the biggest challenge I’ve ever met, because the toughest task for an actor is to break an image, an iconic image: Puneet Issar | Dhappa Poster Reveal

Puneet Issar, the legendary actor will essay the role of a subdued, never seen before character in DHAPPA, a fascinating play that travels across 3 timelines.

Puneet ji is extremely excited about his new role in the upcoming play Dhappa. It’s produced by Karwan Theatre Group Mumbai and Aum Theatre Mumbai. Written and Directed by Akshay Mishra, this magnum opus production will be an audio-visual treat for the theatre audience.

While revealing the poster of Dhappa, an excited Puneet ji wrote on his Facebook Timeline:

“We Never Age, We Evolve!”

Presenting the poster of my latest play to all of you.”Dhappa” We are performing the Premier Show at Prithvi Theatre – The Mecca of Indian Theatre.

The play is written & directed by – Akshay Mishra, and is produced by – Abhishek Narayan & Akshay Mishra.

You all have seen me immortalize Duryodhan on TV and on stage with my magnum opus – “Mahabharat – An Epic Tale”.

I set a benchmark with Raavan in “Raavan Ki Ramayan” – another role I mastered to perfection. In “Dhappa”, for the first time you will see me breaking my larger-than-life mold …

I am playing a regular person … a passionate film writer and an aspiring film director from the late 1950s.

The play will take you back into the age of Satyajit Ray and Bimal Roy.

I consider ‘Dhappa’ the biggest challenge I’ve ever met, because the toughest task for an actor is to break an image … an iconic image … to rewrite history as it’s been written in the minds of people. I would like to thank the entire team of ‘Dhappa’ for giving me this opportunity.

This bunch of very talented youngsters inspired me and challenged me.

See you all on Tuesday, the 13th of April, at 9pm, at Prithvi Theatre.

Puneet Issar

Legendary actor, Puneet Issar shares a light moment with writer-director-producer, Akshay Mishra along with producer Abhishek Narayan during the rehearsals.

There has been tremendous excitement and curiosity around Dhappa ever since the poster was revealed by Puneet ji. Audiences are eagerly waiting to know more about Puneet ji’s role and the story of Dhappa.

You must know that Dhappa is probably the only new mega show in the Hindi theatre industry that has been produced post lockdown. With a production budget of over 32 lakhs, this play promises to be an audio-visual treat for the audience.

When: April 13, 2021

Time: 9 pm

At: Prithvi Theatre, Juhu

Log on to: BookMyShow.com

Cost: INR 500

The poster reveal and Puneetji’s social media post has caused ripples and excitement across audiences.

DHAPPA Synopsis:

Shyam, an artistic film director, shifts to Mumbai from foreign after learning the new techniques of filmmaking. On the lookout for his next film’s heroine, he is intrigued by Iravati, a kathak dancer who lives at the mansion next door. He tries to convince her brother Kumar, who is a failed actor and notorious for his rude behavior in the press, to allow Iravati to act in his film. Though Kumar only became an actor because his sister Iravati could not fulfill her dream to dance, he stubbornly refused Shyam in meeting Iravati. Shyam does not realize that instead of being an act of jealousy, Kumar may be hiding a deep dark secret of Iravati’s while Kumar is unaware that Shyam’s past may also be stained with some mysteries of his own. Set in the 1950s era, ‘Dhappa’ is submerged in mystique and drama.

Over the next few days, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter will unfold many fascinating stories and interviews surrounding Dhappa. Stay tuned!!

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant


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