Restaurant Review: E.A.S.T. @ Sahara Star

Now, ala carte always causes palpitations for people like us. Small portions costing loads of money. But then, how could we not order Sushi while we were at an Asian restaurant? And Lemon Coriander soup is a must order on the list!! Guess what? We were in for a surprise! The portions were large and could be shared by 3 people at one time. Such a happy feeling :). And yes, the food was YUMMY. 

I’m revisiting nostalgia at Door No. 1 : Mihir Bijur

The passing away of my father was the turning point in my life. It made me grow up faster than I should have. I quit my corporate job to chase my passion of starting a restaurant built around great music.

Yummiest Gifting Option!

One lazy afternoon, I suddenly felt the urge to have chocolate fudge. Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey of gooey goodness.

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