Why do good people suffer? #AskRoshani

Dear Roshani,

Is Karma real?

If yes then, why do good people suffer and we see bad people happily doing things which are wrong?

– NK

Why do good people suffer_

Roshani Shenazz, Approved Holistic Therapist & Training Provider by IPHM, UK provides guided answers

Yes, Karma is for real. It is the very accumulation of our Sanskaras which are mental impressions created from our intents, thoughts, words, and actions. Karma is like an autonomous organization, which is independent in its operation. There is no bias of any kind whatsoever. It operates as per what goes around, and the same that comes around. The intensity and range might differ depending on each individual. ‘Karma’ is like a bank passbook. The auto debit and credit score are self-maintained as per our usage. Why good people suffer is a perception of Karma because we see them or ourselves, in this / particular birth as good, but don’t know any back story of earlier lifetimes, which have humongous piles of debts and dues that they have to be cleared – whether to payoff/give or receive.

The reason being, we are for the majority part of our life, not nullifying that which is concurrent to this life. We are closing old karma that we have balanced carried forward in this Karmic Passbook from lifetimes, and in a particular birth. We reap as we sow: is the crux of this law of karma. But the sowing could be through any lifetime and not necessarily the one that we are living and witnessing in present times. The entire circle of this sowing and reaping is contained in this circle of unfinished, unspent and unfulfilled sanskaras from any particular lifetimes which are carried forward for hopeful fulfilment in future lives.

So, for example, think you have a container filled from bottom to top with weeds, shafts, rice, wheat and other things. Now if you have to open the lid from the bottom, what will release first? Obviously the weeds or whatever was there right at the bottom onset of the container. Similarly most times the good people as we know them as, or even ourselves when we believe that we have been truly good and honest, are the ones who have especially taken birth in value based surroundings and families, with the soul blueprint to finish off old Karma and replace it with the so-called ‘good’ which would be the counter karma of what they/we have brought forward. Some bring in a tornado of karma in one lifetime itself, to move their karmic accelerator at a much faster pace for their spiritual growth of consciousness and reaching the ultimate goal of God-Realization.

We all have an architectural design called the soul blueprint that contains all these grand plans that we carry forward through our past sanskaras. In that blueprint, we decide conducive *grounds *meaning (place, parents, siblings, spouse, friends, betrayals, good and the bad things) for the purpose of where and how these sanskaras will be spent, exhausted or nullified as per the debit-credit of the karmic passbook.

So they bring with them much of the weeds and shafts (karma to be closed or nullified) from the accumulation of many lifetimes which they wish to clear in a particular birth. But because they carry with them the rice and wheat (good karma) as well, they are in most cases held through their rough periods and Grace takes them to the next level and milestone, provided they stick to the seeming goodness and move through it with faith, trust, patience and positive surrender.

But in this pursuit of clearing and nullifying karma, we often forget that each lifetime also brings with it new conducive grounds and a new plaintiff who has also been gifted with a fresh new stock of individual power which we call as the ‘Freewill.’ The choices that we make in response or reaction to our blueprint may either nullify, clear and cleanse old karma or not do it all. But what it would also do, is create new sanskaras and therefore new karma which then becomes a new binding force and plonks itself right on top of the hypothetical container that I spoke about earlier. Thus as the emptying of the container (utilization of sanskaras/karma) takes place, the items right on top of it, become active over a period of time. When we go through the earthly death, imagine the container shut from the bottom and now all that remains will be balance carried forward by the soul for future lives.

Each one brings their own lessons each birth. Our nullifying of Karma, can either make us bitter and hostile or better and enhanced. It is our choice. And that reaction or response as said above decides the further course of our Karmic journey. In this soul blueprint thus we create soul contracts that are with souls who are a part of our group souls and are the ones who can help us nullify the said Karma. But when we come down on Earth, we do not remember any of this due to our eternal amnesia gifted to humanity. Thus we accumulate hurt, hatred, resentments, unforgiveness, cursing and indifference towards the souls who do this turbo wash for us and in the bargain end up amassing new sanskaras and therefore a new pile of karma. Thus in spirituality, it is guided that, we may operate through the law of the land to punish the seeming wrong or bad, but we must never curse, abuse or ill-wish for those seeming bad souls as we do not know what role they play in the divine game-plan of our or anyone’s soul blueprint. There are more layers to this, but this is the best-summarized explanation that was guided to answer your question.

For some deeper understanding below is a powerful anthology of some extracts on Karma from the Gnosis (divine knowledge) shared by Avatar Meher Baba through his various body of works dictated for humanity, in His Living times through His 44 years of complete silence (maun). This should give you a deeper perspective in understanding the independent working of this highest law of the universe – The Law of Cause and Effect that we call Karma and its corresponding aspects of Destiny, Fate, Fortune, Luck or Chance.


Meher Baba says:

“The law of Karma is the counterpart of the law of cause and effect, which operates in the physical world. If there were no law of cause and effect in the physical world there would be chaos. In the same way, if there were no law of Karma in the world of values, there would be uncertainty in values, and people would not know whether they were to expect good or bad from their actions. In the physical world, there is the law of conservation of energy, and in the world of values, there is the law that once Karma comes into existence, it persists until it bears its own fruit or is undone through counter-Karma.

Meher Baba Quotes why do bad things happen to good people

The series of incarnations that the soul is impelled to take through Karmic determination has a tendency to become endless. Through innumerable lives, the aspirant has come into contact with countless persons. He is entangled in a web of debts to pay and dues to recover, and according to the Karmic law, he can neither avoid the debts nor the dues, since both are the outcome of desire. He keeps incarnating to pay off his debts and to recover his dues, but even when he means to clear up the account he is often unable to do so.

The carrying on of Karmic debts and dues would be endless were there no provision for release from them through the help of the Master, who can not only initiate the aspirant into the art of unbinding Karma but can directly become instrumental in freeing him from his Karmic entanglements. The Master has attained unity with God, whose cosmic and universal life includes all persons, and he can in his representative capacity become for the sake of the aspirant the medium for clearing up the debts and dues he has incurred in his incarnations.

Meher Baba on desirelessness

When the good Karma has secured for the aspirant the benefit of contacting a Master, he should surrender himself to the Master and serve him.

Through surrender, the aspirant throws the burden of his Karma on the Master, and through service of the Master, he gets an opportunity to get clear. The relation between Master and disciple may be carried on from one life to another for several reincarnations. If the Master who has given instruction and help to a group of disciples takes an incarnation for his work he usually brings them with him as his group of disciples to help them further on their Path.

Those who have been connected with him in past lives are drawn to him by an unconscious magnetism. There is usually a long history to the Master; the disciple is often beginning where he had left off in the last incarnation.”

“The human mind gathers ten million sanskaras in one second, or six hundred million in one minute, or three billion, six hundred million in one hour, so imagine how many trillions and zillions of sanskaras are collected in one human lifetime.”

 There is a very close connection between a man’s character and his circumstances, between his internal environment of thoughts and desires and his external social environment.

 Fate or Luck or Fortune is the means or process of spending the impressions the Soul gathers while passing through innumerable evolutionary stages, in other words, the Law of Karma.

Destiny is the divine law or will which guides us through our numerous existences. Every soul must experience happiness and unhappiness, virtue and vice, from the very commencement of its evolution up to that goal which is the Realization of God.

Meher Baba Quotes Sanskaras

Fate is based on karma; that law of cause and effect which governs the events of our present life as well as those of our future lives. Through evolution, the soul receives, by means of the spirit, the impressions or sanskaras.

The processes which create the experiences and later the elimination of these impressions can be called fate, fortune, luck or chance.

How to be saved from going to hell

Destiny, or the goal that souls have to attain, is the Realization of God; but actually, fate is different for every individual. If you can imagine, we can compare destiny to a load of  700 tons of happiness and unhappiness, vice or virtue, which every soul has to carry throughout its existence. One soul carries 700 tons of iron, another soul the same weight in steel, others lead or gold. The weight is always the same, only the kind of matter changes. The impressions of each individual vary and the acquired sanskaras form the structure and the condition of the future life of every individual. Hence, destiny is one, but fate is varied and different for each.”


Avatar Meher Baba


So right from the commencement of my spiritual journey I was guided through Baba’s Love, to move away from reaction, towards response; away from fears, towards love; away from judgement, towards objective approach; and from cursing the so-called bad, to praying for them even more while forgiving the soul, even if not the deed. I have done that with immense determination, implicit trust in God and Divinity, and turned my life around by 180 degrees with God’s Grace. I yet keep doing that inner work when any dust and debris from the outside world tries to come closer to me. Awareness and God’s Grace helps me to remain detached from all the drama that goes on around us and assists me in objectively running this engine of life, through the fuel of Divine Love.

May you and all who read this, be able to see your and the life of others, with new glasses of love and compassion to tread the journey of life with deeper clarity and understanding of universal laws and our inter-connectedness with them.  Blessings to all. all ☀ @roshanishenazz 2019

Stay Blessed 🌟 Keep Shining

Guided Answers by:

Roshani Shenazz

Written exclusively for: DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

ROSHANI SHENAZZ is an internationally renowned Spiritual Medium, Guide, Mentor, Coach, Speaker, and Author. She is an Approved Therapist and Training Provider by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) U.K. 

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