how to deal with toxic friendships

Toxic friends: how to spot & remove them from your life?

Yes, I am back with one more topic that people usually brush under the carpet. But that is what DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter is about – addressing issues that make others uncomfortable. The fact remains that such issues need to be addressed. Here are some ways on how you can spot toxic friends and remove them from your life.

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Sharad Kelkar in Laxmii

Honest Review And Rating: Laxmii – Sharad Kelkar Akshay Kumar ko Kha Gaya!

Akshay Kumar starrer Laxmii released on November 9 on Disney Hotstar Multiplex. We were very excited to see the film and decided to review it for our readers. The only reason to watch this film is the powerful performance by Sharad Kelkar who enters after the interval. Here’s an honest review and rating along with bloopers for Laxmii. Read on…

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