‘Dreams keep people alive’ says Business Coach, Nishant K Makasare

“Don’t forget to dream a new dream after one has come true”
– Nishant K. Makasare

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Nishant Makasare Mayura Amarkant
Tom and Jerry or two peas in a pod…depends

Tom and Jerry or two peas in a pod…depends

This is the man who taught me to live like a tigress.
It is because of him that I grew up to be a fearless, independent and balanced woman.
Because he is – I am.

Through the years, what struck me about Nishant is, his ‘never-say-die-attitude’ and his tenacity to overcome any storm. His resilience and approach to problem-solving have inspired me at every stage of my life. Today, he stands tall as a Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Core member at Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd. I feel a sense of pride. He has transformed the lives of more than a lakh people across the country. People look up to him for guidance and feel protected under his care.

In a heart to heart interaction with him, he revealed little-known facts about his life. Writing this blog post has been one of the most emotional journeys that I have been through. I hope this post touches your heart… #StayInspired

SD Bapat, Director, Sahyadri Group, the man who always goaded me to do my best.

Tell me something about your childhood. What were the building blocks that led you to become the person that you are today?

As a child, I was very mischievous, constantly up to something. Coming from a regular middle-class family, my mother taught me to love everyone around. She had a unique style of handling me. She was never firm, always affectionate and nurturing. The values that she lovingly imbibed in me, form my belief system today. My father has been my role model and he has always stuck by his ethics & principles. His principles are my guiding light today.

Is there an incident that took place in your childhood/growing years that was a turning point in your life?

Yes of course. There are many incidents that gave me reasons to feel down and out. But I guess I was made of a different mettle.

  • I remember being thrown out of class in the 8th grade for talking about a subject in more detail than the teacher thought I would.
  • My books were flung outside the classroom because I couldn’t phrase sentences with metaphors in Hindi.
  • On Teacher’s Day, I wasn’t allowed to give a speech and I was told that I had zero stage presence and I could never influence an audience.

These incidences, the humiliation and the always negative behaviour of my teachers definitely made a huge impact on me in my growing years. Of course, I was able to take it positively and improve on those aspects.

Focus is the key…to everything…

What made you choose this field as a career? When did you decide you wanted to make your passion your profession?

I have always been passionate about whatever I have done; I guess that’s my gut. I tried my hands at sales when I was 18 years old; the first job that most of us take up. It worked fine for me then. With a closing ratio of 99%, I believed that I was made for sales. Sooner or later I realized that it wasn’t the sales talk that made me excel, it was my heart and soul that I put in, that made it work. Coaching came to me naturally and transforming lives became my passion… And here I am.

Just like anyone else, there must have been ups and downs in your life, what were they? How did you overcome them?

As Ratan Tata once quoted, “Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going because a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive…!”

Kiran Makasare
I Love my Dad… He is my strength, my idol – my inspiration.

The closure of my automobile business was a major setback. Financial losses, name calling and the blame game took a toll on me. I felt dejected… I had nowhere to go.

My folks sat me down, and my father said: It’s the basic nature of life to toss you up and down or even slam you on the ground. You just need to be like a tennis ball, the harder you hit the ground the higher you bounce back.”

This piece of advice gave my life a 360-degree twist. I bounced back into action, I repeatedly told myself that I’m a champion and champions fight back. I learnt from my mistakes, every episode was a lesson. My positive bent of mind got me back on track. Soon I was back albeit a wiser person.

What kept you going through all the low phases of your life?

The love of my family and my undying attitude that says, ‘never-give-up’.

Sameer, Siddharth, Umesh, Abbas and Mahesh. My friends who stuck with me through every phase of my life.

How different are you in your professional life from your personal life? Tell me something about your role as a husband, son, brother, friend.

I’m actually very natural. I usually go with my first instinct, but with some basic tact and calculation.

At work, I usually use my head, heart and hands, but at home, I use only my heart.

The role in all these relationships is kind of similar since all my peers love me – may it be my mom, dad, wife, sisters or friends. So it’s a lot easier and relaxed. I know what loss is & I understand the value of people, so I don’t take them for granted at all. I love them, respect them and believe in them.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Oh, that’s difficult to describe… It usually is a 14-hour day for me. Work timings vary, but working hours don’t. Luckily I’m very high on energy so I can cover it all. Work, Family and Friends. I hate monotony, yet the only constant activity on a typical day is walking my pooch Zeus, cooking some good food for him and playing with him. The work fits in as and when required.

Live life – King style…
The only constant activity on a typical day is walking my pooch, Zeus.

 Which is the best time of the day? What do you do at that time?

I’m not a morning person at all, the nights are more friendly to me. I like writing, listening to music or even watching a comedy movie during those hours.

Do you believe in God? What is your relationship with God?

Yes, I do. To me, God is a father figure who has made this world, given us a reason to live and also a path to follow for life. I love Him just the way He does.

Who is your role model? What qualities of your role model did you apply in your real life?

As I said earlier, my father is my role model. The grace, the intelligence and the simplicity that he carries are just amazing. From him, I learnt that family is bigger than anything in the world. Principles and ethics are never to be compromised and NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.

He also taught me that people are to be loved & things are to be used and not the other way around

The closure of my automobile business was a major setback.
Photography is a secret passion. I try to capture souls in my frame.

Whom do you turn to in times of adversities?

The first person I turn to during adversities is my own self. I question myself, ponder on my own or just sleep over it. If I still don’t find a solution, I call my folks, talk to them, recharge and hit back.

What is your mantra of life?

You are a Born Winner…!! Remember, you won the race among millions to be born.

Is there something you would like to tell the readers? A message that would help them achieve the acme of success just like you did?

– What the mind can perceive the body can achieve.

– Never Give Up: You need to think it to do it. And once you do it, never never never give up until you achieve it.

– Finish What You Start: Don’t start something you can’t finish and if you start, you must finish it.

– Dream: Dreams keep people alive – don’t forget to dream a new dream after one has come true.

– Love: Love is the only thing that will help you overcome all the problems in this world- and if you can’t overcome them, it will give the ability to deal with them.

I’m lucky to have a wife like Michelle. Guess this says it all.

What does marriage mean to you? Your spouse, what is the role she plays in your success story? 

I’m a bit conservative on this topic. For me, marriage is forever. No one is perfect in this world, but two imperfect people can make a perfect marriage. Expression of Love, Hatred, Anger, Emotions is a Part and Parcel of life. You constantly need criticism to improve, support to fight back, someone to pamper you & someone you can fall back on. I’m lucky to have a wife like Michelle. Guess this says it all.

Author’s take on Nishant, the brother:

When he was born, the entire family’s attention shifted to him. He was a cute, fair, chubby little bundle of joy. I was just 1.5 years old and that’s the first time I felt pure envy. I was the brown one and him, the handsome one – urrgghh… it irritated the hell out of me. He grew to become the apple of everyone’s eye. I remember stuffing a seed up his nose. Watching him squirm made me so happy.

Gosh! I was an evil older sister!

As the years passed by, he grew to become my best friend and mentor. We fought like Tom and Jerry and at the same time nurtured a beautiful relationship. He used to take me with him to his Parent-Teacher meeting and that’s how I became a mother-figure to this talented boy.

As he grew up, he became a fiercely protective brother who taught me to be a tigress. It is because of him that I grew up to be a fearless, independent and balanced woman.

When he refused to take external tuition in his 10th standard and insisted that I should tutor him, I realized the faith that he had in me. Years later, here we are… at times like parallel tracks and at other times like peas in a pod.

When I decided to write about the people who have inspired me, I had to begin with the one person who has been a beacon in my life – always.

Thank you, Nishant!

I take pride in being one of the first people whose lives you have transformed. For us its Raksha Bandhan in action every breathing moment :).

Thank you for honouring the thread – each time.

Penned by:

Mayura Amarkant

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  1. You devil sister!! Nishank is an inspiration and such a wonderful soul. Love reading about his battles, standing up to conquer. Love the questions and answers. Simply brilliant. Both of you soar and conquer the skies:)


  2. Mayura as usual a wonderful piece from you!
    What an interVIEW!
    Nishank has certainly grown into an amazingly successful entrepreneur and has made his parents and sisters proud!
    I still remember how protective he has been of you during college days!
    Not only protective but worried too sometimes!
    Wishing Nishank a ten-fold success in all his endeavors in life and he should keep making his family proud of him. May this Brother-Sister bond last for eternity! God Bless!

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  3. Amazingly beautiful content for anyone who reads…….
    Brought my self confidence a boost.
    ..n made me feel I’m still alive……here to achieve n excel

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Its a vibrant interview giving loads of positivity and energy.
    Thanks for the share Mayura !
    This gives me extra drive for the day to stretch myself beyond.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Very inspiring.Positive n vibrant.Motivational.I wud love to meet Mr.Makasare.I sincerely wish ,if he cud talk to d youngsters in my colony where I stay.It wud help them in their endeavour.

    Liked by 1 person

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