Introspective Poem: I am a murderer, roaming scotfree


I am a murderer, roaming scot-free.

This staircase has been my favourite weapon of choice.

The bottomless pit at the base hides all my secrets.

My self-esteem, my confidence & my individuality hide there.

I killed the little girl who believed in Santa,

I strangulated and pushed the teenager who was waiting for her Prince Charming,

The young ambitious woman was the most difficult to silence,

The middle-aged housewife was the easiest of them all,

It was the old widow who died even before I could try,

Yes…I killed them all…

Dreams, Hope, Ambition, Inspiration & Perseverance – perished one by one

They will never rise again…never…

Is this your story too?

Are you a murderer….roaming scot-free?

Penned by:
Mayura Amarkant

I’m participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words – June 2018






  1. Took the liberty to take it forward…

    All was easy and all was fine…
    Life after life I kept the quest on
    Till one morning…
    When I found a new body to be in..
    That little girl was so fierce…
    I could barely survive..
    In just an instance
    My scot free murders
    Siezed to thrive…
    No more, she said…
    Enough, was the command
    On my knees, I surrendered and now..
    I am being murdered by this little girl who holds fire in her eyes ..
    Although I burnt her to ashes countless times…
    She has now become the phoenix, she knows how to rise.

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  2. woow, yes again u made me speechless….yes i can accept tht m also a murderer…killed my thots,killed my likings, killed everythng wch i wished to cm true in life….moving ahead vt new prospective…

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