Yummiest Gifting Option!

This is NOT a paid promotion for Oh Fudge!
My kids and I LOVE the products and therefore I wrote this post. 

I belong to the generation where a weekend getaway meant a drive down to Lonavla, eating bhutta at sunset point and then shopping at Maganlal Chikki and A-1 fudge. I am not too much of a fan of chikki, but I can kill for A-1 fudge. I remember when I was travelling to Pune by bus and insisted on a bus that follows the old route only so that I could get off at Lonavla and pick up chocolate fudge from A-1. Those were wonderful days. Carefree and fun. Now the trips to Lonavla are rare. I just don’t get the time to leave Mumbai. Kids, work, home, relatives, friends, social obligations – everything keeps me busy.

One lazy afternoon, I suddenly felt the urge to have chocolate fudge. When I told Amarkant, he jokingly asked me whether I was pregnant again. Sudden urges was a sign…usually…but not this time. While browsing through a popular food ordering app, I came across this store. Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey of gooey goodness.

Enter Oh Fudge!

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Just one bite into this yummylicious goodness will tell you that this is the tastiest fudge in the whole world. Abhimanyu and Sanskriti totally adore the fudge and we are often seen fighting over the last bite. The best part is, that the fudge doesn’t harden like the A-1 fudge and doesn’t get oily in the heat. It is tough to please everyone, maybe that’s why the fudge comes in so many different flavours, shapes and sizes.

The convenient packaging makes it easy for me to carry wherever I go.
Since it’s free of artificial preservatives and flavours, I can be sure that I am allowing my children sensible indulgence.
There is a close-knit group of people who prepare the dessert and thus the production is carefully supervised. 

During a casual conversation with a client, I learnt that the owners of this awesome product line were accessible for an interview. Here are a few excerpts of my conversation with Jayesh Mirchandani and Prateek Vaid.

27 year-olds, Prateek Vaid & Jayesh Mirchandani are consultants turned food manufacturers – founders of Oh! Fudges.

Why did you think of Oh! Fudge?
We are really inspired by Willy Wonka and our imagination.
Both of us are consultants turned food manufacturers who wanted to bring a gourmet dessert to the customer at the click of a button. Our focus was to give the customers dessert that is free from artificial flavours or preservatives. Thus, each order is freshly prepared and delivered with loads of love.
With Oh! Fudge, we wanted to take the age-old classic dessert and present it in contemporary flavours and packaging options.

What’s the secret of getting the recipe right, each time?
The original recipe has been handed over to us by Prateek’s mom. She has been making fudge for the past 25 years. She regularly gifts them to family and friends. We added a few contemporary twists to her recipe and we now have a formula that is so good that it would be a crime if the world doesn’t benefit from its taste. We are gathering good Karma now, through Oh! Fudge.

What is so different about the fudges you prepare?
Well, firstly, they are all pure vegetarian home-style yet professionally cooked fudges. Secondly, we love to experiment with a bunch of contemporary flavours and ingredients.

Oh Fudge
My 11-year-old is fida on the menu…

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The fudge has a shelf life of 8 days outside the fridge and 30 days when refrigerated.

The products are available in Mumbai and Delhi NCR. They ship products overnight to any location across India.:

  1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohfudge.india/
  2. Order online: http://ohfudge.in/
  3. Instagram: @ohfudge.in

Here are some reviews from Zomato. Click here.

—-Recommended by Mayura Amarkant

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  1. When you think of it, the art of gifting has changed in India. Who would gift a cake or a pie or even these cute dessert jars before? Not only were they not readily available, but this new gifting trend has trickled down and has become quite a rage over the past three to four years at least. I like how you have not just written about the product, but also included the views of the creators. It gives one a chance to know the idea behind it. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the Alexa campaign. 😀
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

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