Indian theatres are redefining cinema viewing

The world of entertainment is now at one's fingertips, thanks to the high-speed internet, mobile phone technology and hundreds of apps, movie viewing can be done anywhere at any time. These days, the time gap between a movie release and a satellite release is becoming smaller and thus giving movie lovers lesser reasons to flock to a theatre. How then are movie theatres responding to this changed scenario? What are they doing to ensure that movie-goers keep flocking the theatres? Read this post to know more...

7 reasons why Entrepreneurs must attend this meet to expand their Circle of Influence

As they say, NETWORK is NET-WORTH and expanding your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE is critical to achieve success in business.  Of course, there are innumerable platforms where entrepreneurs can network. However, those platforms are limited to mere card exchanges. Entrepreneurs are always craving to tell the world about the great work that they are doing and ensure that their business spreads by Word Of Mouth. This Entrepreneur's Meet is an answer to entrepreneurs who are looking for a showcase and meaningful networking. 

Restaurant Review: E.A.S.T. @ Sahara Star

Now, ala carte always causes palpitations for people like us. Small portions costing loads of money. But then, how could we not order Sushi while we were at an Asian restaurant? And Lemon Coriander soup is a must order on the list!! Guess what? We were in for a surprise! The portions were large and could be shared by 3 people at one time. Such a happy feeling :). And yes, the food was YUMMY. 

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